Guardian Summon

Last Update: 2012.05.23

Get here: Download Link

Requirement: Basic Module – Guardian Basic


Provides a summon skill that can make a guardian to take part in battle.
Guardian can take place of an actor, or replace the whole party (like FFX Aeons).
There also a compatible feature that make summoning skill only summon paired guardian (Require Yami Engine – Guardian Pairing).

How to Use:

If you have Guardian Pairing and want to use the compatible feature, place this script under Guardian Pairing script and enable that feature in configuration module of this script.
Skills notetags:
<summon guardian> – Mark this skill as a summoning skill.
<return guardian> – Mark this skill as a return skill for guardian.
Actors notetags:
<summon animation: x> – Play animation x at enemies when summon this guardian.
<return animation: x> – Play animation x at enemies when return this guardian.

118 comments on “Guardian Summon

  1. It looks like the Fomar0153 – Aeon Party, but this adds more functionality :), good work Yami(And yes, is compatible with the guardian menu, that is very good =3)

  2. looks promising but having issues with victor sants animated battle

    if script is placed above victors then the summon ability just keeps failing if its placed below then it crashes

    • sorry for the double post the crashes seam to be due to yanflys scripts but when the summon sill fails the fail message that is mentioned in the script is not used but just the word fail

  3. When a guardian dies I get this error
    Script ‘- Guardian Summon’ line 346: NoMethodError occurred.

    undefined method `aeon=’ for nil:NilClass

  4. hello
    is there a way that the guard does not replace the hero?
    it is placed in second position?

    sorry for my english

  5. thank you
    and if possible be able to invoke two guardian ^ ^

    quick question, I try to run the system invocation at the beginning of the fight, through an event, (hero launches a skill containing the guardian)
    and it does not work

    thank you again you are doing a great job

  6. made by the hero invokes a guardian or two fights that has its side, and ONLY those who are in combat GIVEN experience (100%) and those who are not in combat (Variable [x]%)
    is it possible?

  7. Hey, friend. You could adapt this script for me?
    I wish it were a transformation script. To do so would be a character for each transformation and instead of taking all the characters take only what has transformed.

  8. Hi Yami. I’m currently using this script but I’m lost as how to actually implement it. I have all of the guardian series scripts but I can’t see to summon the guardian. I put the notetags in their specific places but I can’t get the “Summon” option to appear in battle. If you could help?

    • You will have your actor learn that Summon skill in order to summon Guardians.
      In my clip, I used YEA – Battle Command in order to show Summon skill under Attack command.

  9. In regards to the “summon skill”, I place the tag in a skill (eg. Blizzard II?) and then what? I’m still quite confused at how to implement this. >_< If possible, could you provide a small demo on this so that I can take a look at what's going on, script wise? 🙂

  10. Thank you. I think the problem is I don’t think it’s compatible with Jet’s Side/Rear-View Battle and YEA ATB as of yet. Everything works fine but the Summon just doesn’t come out, which I’m guessing is due to the in-battle sprites or the ATB. I’ll hold off on it for now, you’ve been tons of help. Keep up the good work, I’m a fan of your Guardian scripts.

  11. hello Yami

    I’m really happy with the system you have joint developed guardian.
    but I can not seem to have used for my project, I need your help to change the script.
    This is of j ‘would need:
    – Is that it can be “paired” six guardian.
    -that each guardian “paired” aprend has the invoker invoking a spell.
    Example: guardian name “Frosties” paired => learn “” “Invocation of Frosties”.
    – What the hen is “invoked” a guardian that this one placed after the group (second or third place) and does not replace the invoker.

    thank you, you do a great job!

    (PS: sorry for my English, I only speak French)

  12. I do not know this game, in France very few “RPG” so commercially, probably too expensive to translate.
    I leave on a basis of “Jade Cocoon” (creation and modification of creature) and “azur dream” (egg and stocage) with a hint of Pokemon but more mature.

  13. The aim is that the invoker is not very strong, not so strong to protect it invokes the guards, who fights on their side and picks up the shots for them.
    My project will take the side of Pokémon “catch all”

  14. I need you to change this script so that it is a separate skill for each transformation without having to equip the transformation to use.

  15. For example:

    So you can invoke the spirit of fire you need to use the ability “Spirit of Fire” and thus to each processing a different ability not only the ability “summon” for everyone.

  16. When my actor summons a paired guardian, the skill window don’t close ’til I call back the guardian. What’s wrong?

  17. hello yami
    I think one thing for my project,
    is it possible that the number of guardian that we can have is limited to either a six, and the other is in a sort of stoquer phs?

    thank you

  18. Um, is there any function to use so that the guardian is automatically equipped on the start of the game?

    • Soorrrry x_x The Party System was a coincidence… ive tested ur script with each other script I use in my project (around 12 :D) and I found out hows the fault: Yanfly Engine Ace – Victory Aftermath v1.03.

      If u could that work I will be complete thankfull, but since Victory Aftermath is not a core script for the project I guess i could just delete it if u dont fix the comp. problem =D

      Sooooorry Again for the false positive x_x
      And ty

  19. Hi again, is there anything that makes the guardian return after using skill?
    For ex. the player uses a skill, then guardian comes out, after using skill, the guardian returns. In other words, the persona has the skill but it comes out from the summoner’s skill page. ( sorry for my bad english )

  20. hellu… yami is it possible to change the summon option in game?


    X guardian summoning = whole party

    y guardian summoning = replace actor

    z guardian summoning = shin tegami tensei-like

    and/ or by a script call/ switch – change the options

    i hope you understand that XDD

    my explaining skills are low….LOL

  21. Yami, is there an easy way to specify a set number of guardians(for example 2) to be summoned automatically upon battle start, instead to having to summon them manually?(and without wasting an initial turn to summon)

  22. Hi, I need some help with an error. Can you help please? When I try to play my game I get the error: Script ‘summon’ line 436: NoMethodError occured. undefined method ‘collect’ for nil:NilClass

    Can you please tell me how to fix this problem? Thank you.

  23. Yami, great script! I\’m still struggling to get it to work, however. When my actor uses a skill which calls a guardian, the pop-up says \’Failed\’ and the guardian does not come out. Any idea what might be causing that? Thanks!

  24. Tried that, but I still have the same error. For the notetag in my skill, should I have
    summonguardian or summonguardian:x ? If I don’t have the id of an actor, it won’t let me use the skill. If I do have an id there (even if it is not an actor I have given the guardian tag to), I can use the skill but it always says ‘Failed’ and the guardian does not replace the current actor. Any ideas?

      • Hmmm….not sure what the issue is. Mine is set up just like the one in the picture, but when I try to call that skill it is in gray and I cannot call it. Would you mind posting a screenshot of your actor page and notetags to make sure I didn’t make a mistake there? I’m checking other scripts to make sure there isn’t a compatibility problem, but so far I haven’t found any. Thanks for your time, I’m not sure why I’m having so much trouble with this one.

  25. Wow, I feel dumb. I’ve been working on this for 2 hours and I didn’t realize the guardians needed to be in the party. Seem obvious now. Thanks for your patience and help, hopefully now I will be able to get it to work. Thanks again!

  26. On another note, is there any trick to making this compatible with your Classic Active Battle System? I’ve tried rearranging the scripts, but it doesn’t seem to make a difference. The summon menu comes up, but after I choose a guardian nothing happens. Thanks!

  27. Hi yami, is there any way to add an option,
    so that the guardian’s Level and Equipment is the same as the summoners?

    i am trying to make a transformation skill with this ;D

  28. And oh, why is there a way to make summon animation on the caster instead on All enemy?.

    Using “Invocation Speed” also gave you an error.
    so i can’t make summons with casting time..

  29. Hmm anyway to have certain guardians summon differently? for example have a certain guardian replace the whole party and have a certain guardian not replace any actors.

  30. Would be nice if it was possible to decide whether only summoned summons gain exp. This way every summon actually gets exp.

  31. Yeah i saw that already. But it’s not exactly what i wanted. Because if you set it to true, it will automatically give exp to every summon even if you don’t summon them in battle. Which is kinda weird. I would like it to give exp only to summoned summons. Which makes more sense.

  32. Hi, ive found a fault within your guardian summon or catb script. whenever you select your “summon” from the list of available guardians the summoning doesnt trigger, it just kind of does nothing. no error or anything but the guardian never gets summoned. ive tested this with alternative atb systems and none of them work, i sat staring at my screen for hours trying to somehow by-pass this but cant find a way. if you could fix this problem or at least give a comprimising alternative i would be extremly thankfull as i dont want to lose my atb system as it makes my battles flow perfectly and dont really want to lose a summoning feature within my project either 😦 also, great scripts, my game simply wouldnt be as good without them

  33. I’ve been looking for a way to restrict the number and frequency you summon. I can’t get it to cost MP or TP and Yanfly’s Skill Restrict doesn’t work for it either… so is there anyway you can have a cooldown for using the summon skill? Or maybe limit the number of times it can be used in a battle?

    • OH hey, I was wondering the same thing exactly. This seems a rather vital thing to overlook, and was kind of considering saying something myself. It would be great if you could get it to work with the normal MP or TP costs, and really this just sounds like a bug anyway, I’m sure it’s supposed to.
      Making it compatible with Yanfly’s Skill Restrict and/or Cost Manager would be even more useful and amazing, though!
      Whatever’s fine, but it’d be great to see at least one kind of restriction on summoning. :3

  34. I’ve had the same issue that Dekita mentioned above; the CATB and Guardian Summons don’t seem to work together. They both work fine separately, but when put together the Guardians don’t come out. Any chance these two scripts will be made compatible, or that there is a new script coming which would replace one of the two? Thanks!

  35. Is there something else in the script besides summon_paired that needs to be set to false? I would like to just summon the guardian, not pair it to an actor, but it seems I am unable to do so.

    Also, it seems like with Fomar’s Aeon party script, this one also does not play nice with Yanfly’s Save engine. It gives the same error:

    NoMethodError occurred.
    undefined method ‘each’ for nil:NilClass

  36. Hey, Yami!
    Not sure if it’s your script, or Victor’s, but this is what happens whenever I try and summon my guardian.

    if your scripts are above Victor’s and Yanfly’s scripts, the char simply steps forwards and that’s it, literally. Nothing happens, no messages, the enemies continue their attack.

    If I put your scripts below the said others, I get this error:

    Script ‘Victor actor battlers’ line 510: NoMethodError occurred.
    undefined method `setup_position’ for #

    Who should I talk to and what is happening?

    For the info, I am using Victor’s ani battle with actors + Yanfly’s Ace battle engine.


  37. There’s a little issue with Yanfly’s FTB, whenever I highlight the “Execute” command, if one of the summons hasn’t made an action (i.e. I make it wait without doing anything) I get a no method error:

    “undefined method ‘valid?’ for nil:NilClass”

    There’s no issue when using the DTB though… Is this a simple fix for you or is it too much trouble?

  38. Nice job, this is one of the best scripts i have seen, but i have a little question:
    Is there a way to summon a monster without taking out the summoner?

    P.D.: Sorry if my english is not very good xD

  39. there is a way to make the summoning from a item? ….
    when i tried the same method as the skill i get a error:
    Script ‘Game_Actors’ line 19:TypeError ocurred.
    no implicit conversion from nil to integer.

  40. … Even in the demo the summon skill won’t activate.
    I can’t even press it during combat, even after getting all the spirits added.

  41. A question. Would there be anyway to make this a much more standard summon move, such as in FF6? The Summon comes in for one turn does their action (or still have a skill list you can choose from) and leave? The key would just be the one and done factor.

    Likewise what would be the best way to implement a 1 use per battle per summon? That’s not as important to me, and I might not even use it, but it would be an awesome feature.

  42. Can someone please help me, everything seems to work perfectly except for the return skill, when I try to use it, it gives me an error:
    Script ‘Window_Selectable’ line 426: NoMethodError occurred.
    undefined method ‘>=’ for nil:NilClass

    • I have the very same problem and I have no idea how to fix it… are there any solutions ? Or does anyone have an idea how to fix this ?

  43. … i dont know what i do false… cant call any guardian…
    i got guaridan as actors (with the notage) and they are in the party….
    the shill summon i got too as you say… where is my problem?

  44. Hi Yami,

    I know it’s been some time since you answered questions about your guardian scripts but i got a problem which seems to be pretty unique since i haven’t found an answer here yet.

    Everything works just fine except for the main part of the scripts. I can choose to pair guardians before i summon them or skip that and neither way the summoning happens.

    I get a message stating that actor x is summoning guarding y but that’s all! no guardian appears. Changing from aeons like to devil doesn’t help either. I tried it with a free place in the party but that didn’t hep either!

    An answer is very much appreciated and thanks for the good work you did so far!


    • Problem solved though I have no idea how ^^

      Must have been one of the others scripts i use or simply the arrangement of them all!

  45. Hi there, Yami or anyone familiar with the script is there a way to keep summoned guardians in the main party even after the battle is over? Having to summon the guardians every battle gets inconvenient.


  46. hello yami.
    I have a problem in the invocation of the guardian, after having assigned to a
    actor tag and skill to invocation and return
    in the battle skill is unusable could you tell me why?
    or post again the demo?
    Thanks to everyone for the help.

  47. hello yami
    i have a problem:
    when press cancel in guardian windows
    after last actor has made a decision, it give me error

    Scrip ‘Game_Actors’ line 19; TypeError occurred
    no implicit conversion from nil to integer

  48. Hello Yami, I was wondering if it’s possible to make this code compatible with Moghunter’s ‘MOG – Advanced Battle Hud’. I’ve tested it using Moghunter’s code and the DS style summoning works fine, except that the HUD showing health, magic, and the ATB doesn’t appear, nor does the battler picture of the summon. As for the Aeon style, I tested it and got the same error that appeared as I tried all the other similar Summon Codes like Fomar’s ‘Aeon Party’.

    This is the error I get whenever I tried the Aeon style:

    Script ‘Sprite_Battler’ line 80; TypeError occurred
    no implicit conversion from nil to integer

    I hope you can help, thank you.

  49. Hey there. I’m trying to set everything up for this script but I’ve run into an issue. The skill I want to use as a summon skill is grayed out and can’t be used. I have the skill with the tag and the actor with the tag. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

    Also, as I’ve only been trying to get the one skill to work, how do you differentiate between summons? Say I want four types of summons, if they’re all tagged with how do the skills determine which gets summoned? I hope the answer isn’t completely obvious because I feel dumb enough as it is. Haha

    Thanks for any help. 😀

  50. Hello, I’m pretty new to RPG maker, so it is very possible I am doing something wrong, but I can’t seem to get the Summon skill to cost MP or TP when used.

  51. Yami, is there any way to call the summon without having to add ?

    Example: “Skill X” will call “Summon 1”
    “Skill Y” would call “Summon 2”

    Example 2: Skill Name: “Call the fire keeper”
    Skill Tag:

    Would posivel?

    • Yami, is there any way to call the summon without having to add “Guardian Summon” (tag)?

      Example: “Skill X” will call “Summon 1″
      “Skill Y” would call “Summon 2″

      Example 2: Skill Name: “Call the fire keeper”
      Skill Tag: “Summon Guardian_ID” => “Summon 45” (With “”)

      Would posivel?

      sorry double post.

  52. Is there a way to make it so only certain classes can junction/summon guardians (i.e a summoner class)? Am I missing a step?

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