Order Gauge

I see who will act first!

Last update: 27/01/2012 (DD/MM/YYYY)

Version: 1.03

Download here: Script & IconSet

This will create an order gauge to see the actions order of battlers. Recreate from Melody.

This script requires YEA – Core Script and YEA – Battle Engine. Get them from Yanfly Channel.

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That’s all :3


24 comments on “Order Gauge

  1. This does not work very well with the YEA Command Equip.
    The order gauge is always on the top, even we acess to the equip scene. I didn’t know if i should refer it to you or to Yanfly!!???

    • I had the same problem, but it is simple to just go and adjust its position in the settings. Gauge_Y = 250 sits it pretty for me.

  2. Small Bug: If the battler has an agility that much larger than the others, his/her icon will be displayed only once, with the others behind it– but they will take several turns in succession. This makes it difficult to figure out who is really going to go next.

    Suggestion: Add a number to represent how many turns they will receive right now OR don’t display the other battlers icons for that turn OR allow the option to show more than just the next/current turn on the gauge.

  3. I love you guys for doing this stuff, but as it is the turn gauge only really works for the default turn based system. The best thing about CTB is playing with turn orders (IMO), and the turn gauge doesn’t support that (as in, like Griffith said, you can’t tell when someone’s going to act twice or get another turn before they usually would). The turn gauge works like each battler just has the one action per turn.

    Final Fantasy X shows the next 8 upcoming turns instead of all the battlers in relation to each other. This obviously makes following the turns much easier, but seeing as Yanfly did this the exact same way back in Battle Engine Melody, I’m wondering if this is in a completely different world of scripting?

    Do you think this is even remotely doable (by anyone), or is this just wishful thinking?

  4. Hey, I found a bug in CTB version of Order Gauge.

    When you have some party members in reverse, their icons appear at the beginning of the gauge (where the battler that acts last is shown), covering up icon of battler that act last. Actually, only icon of last party member in reserve can be seen, but I suspect that icons of all party members are shown, but they are all covered up by icon of the last party member.

  5. please make this script to compatible with guardian script,
    there’s same problem like noteario report when summon guardian…


  6. Hi Yami.

    I don’t know, if you are still working on this one, but there myabe are two bugs:
    (i’ve tested it with the standard DTB from ACE.)

    -If i make an invisible enemy visible, the enemy don’t appears on the order-gauge. There appears an empty square on the gauge, at the position of the enemy, but no icon.

    -The second one is a little bit difficult to explain:
    If i choose a fast skill, the actor-Icon slides forward on the gauge. If i choose a slow skill, the actor-Icon slides backward on the gauge. I think, that’s it, how the gauge should work.
    But this only works on the first turn in a battle!
    On every following turn, the order-gauge don’t change accordingly to my choosen actions. Unfortunately, this renders the order-gauge completly useless, because i don’t see the real order on it, until it’s to late to change something.

    Could you fix it, please? In my Opinion this Order-Gauge is absolutly neccesary to make challenging fights with the standard dtb. Without any clue to the battle order, every challenging fight will rather be frustrating…

  7. Great script, but I have a problem with it; I can’t change its co-ordinates. I want to because where it starts is at the top, and it blocks the box that shows skills, items etc. I changed the Y co-ordinate, but the bar doesn’t move. Have you encountered this problem before?

  8. Is there a way for this script to be compatible with YEA Visual Battlers? Because everytime i go into a battle, the gauge just isnt there. Is this a problem for just me or for other people also?

  9. does anyone else have a problem where the order icons are stacked on top of each other initially until the first update?

    • I have this problem, but they don’t go away. It seems to stack icons if you try to use a custom iconset. What’s up wiff dat!?

      Is the script only meant to work with the default icons?

      • Derp. Figured that out. It was the damn border image. Lolol. Great script, Yami! You’re amazing.

  10. So I wanna use this script as well as the Yanfly Party System and more importantly the Yanfly Party Command script, which lets you change your characters mid-battle. But when I open the party window during battle, the order gauge is there on top of the window and covering over words. How do I make the order gauge stay under the party window?

    Otherwise, absolutely killer script. Thank you!

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