Invert Targets

Invert targets selection!

Last update: 19/02/2012 (DD/MM/YYYY)

Download here: Script

This will make a skill can be inverted target (like in FF series, you can cast Fire on Ally or use Potion on Enemy). You can change the invert key in Script’s Module. Default is SHIFT.

If you don’t want a skill can be inverted, add notetag <no invert> for that skill.

This script requires YEA Battle Engine (optional) if you want to invert something like All Allies scope or All Enemies scope. YEA Battle Engine can be found in Yanfly Channel.

That’s all :3

21 comments on “Invert Targets

  1. Very great! 🙂
    But I found screen frozen after I cancelled inverted targeting.
    Also, any note tag to make skills uninvertible would be preferred 🙂

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  4. Is there a way to make it so more than one key could be used? Not totally necessary for my game, but it would be nice to use either Up or Down, instead of just one key (I’ve got it as Alt at the moment)

  5. Hi, great script but I have trouble with it: the game crashes if an actor enters auto-battle. Error:
    Script “Game_Actor” line 551: no method error
    Undefined method ‘evaluate’ for false:FalseClass

    It’s when the base script attemps to make a list of usable skills for auto-battle. If I comment “subject.invert_target = false” (line 154) of the set_skill method, Game_Action class in your Invert Targets script, the crash doesn’t happen (but of course the script keeps inverting targets when it should stop so I can’t fix it this way).

    I’ve spent an afternoon on that and still have no idea how this line could interfere with the list.push( line in the base script’s Game_Actor class. I also searched the other scripts I’m using for compatibility issues (all Yanfly’s or yours).

    Thanks for your help.

  6. hey i dont know if someone will ever read this but i cant get my hands on this script and this is pretty much what i need. But the links to it are all dead and i cant find this anywhere could someone forward it to me somehow please?

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