Lunatic Reset formulas for CTB

Lunatic CTB Reset!!!

Last Updated: 2012.01.30
Download Link


Require YSA Battle System – Charge Turn Battle

This script gives you custom formulas for CTB Speed Reset by using these notetags.

<custom yctb reset: string>


<custom yctb reset>
</custom yctb reset>


  1. COMMON RESET: This will be used if there’s no other formula is being used.
  2. These notetags can be used with Skills and Items.
  3. MAX_YCTB_VALUE = 100000.0

There are 6 examples in script:

  1. <custom yctb reset: reset percent x%> : Reset CTB Speed by x percent of max value.
  2. <custom yctb reset: reset value x> : Reset CTB Speed by x in value.

Use your Lunatic CTB Reset Formulas wisely.


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