Guardian Series

Yami Sub-Engine – Guardian Series


This is a sub-engine of Yami Engine (YSE – Guardian Series) which provides Guardian Feature in your games. This will be a series of scripts which can be compatible with each others. The only thing you must do is choosing features that fit your games and copy them (remember to config as well).

How to use

  1. Firstly, Copy Basic Module and Guardian Basic to your games. Be sure to config them.
  2. Secondly, Use notetag <guardian> in Actor’s Notes in Database to make them be Guardians.
  3. Finally, Choose features which fit your games, place them in correct order below.

Scripts List

Terms of Use

This Sub-Engine follows my Terms of Use, except some scripts I said They do not follow the Term of Use.

10 comments on “Guardian Series

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  2. is it possible to use items out of the fight, excluiment for guardian
    potion, scroll to learn a skill, a statistically increased, ect …


  3. I would like to know if is possilbe to make something similar to the Tales of Graces F’s titles.

    The titles works like that:

    You only can equip one at once in each character and when you equip it you start to give them sp on each battle you win. When it reaches the needed SP to level up the title, the equipped character will gain a skill or a passive bonus.

    In Tales of Graces F is kinda weird because each character have his own titles, so the titles are not shared between them. With the guardians all of them are being shared with all the main characters, so I think it would be necessary to make some kinda relationship points to store the advance of the guardians with each character.

    More info:

    By the way, I would also like to know if there’s any chance to get a new page on the victory aftermath withe the guardians that gets “sp” and more…

    Thanks for you efforts, this is one of the bests systems I ever seen for RPG Maker series…

  4. I don’t know if your still supporting this or not but I am trying to get this to work with the FFXII License Board system by CrystalNova (he had it hidden away in his demo and I thought it would be pretty awesome =p), Anyway I have setup a license board slot where I can purchase the ability to “Pair” an esper/guardian/aeon to a character
    but after I purchase the skill I can’t pair the guardians to any characters infact all the options in the pairing menu are greyed out and not selectable.

    Do you know why this might be? Is their a compatibility issue between the 2 scripts?

    BTW i have all of your guardian series scripts and they are all in the correct order at the very top of the script list along with your YEA Basic Module and Battle Engine and Core Script’s =) Please get back to me ASAP if you still use this site =)

  5. Hi, Yami. In Tales of Symphonia, when a summon appears it gives some status boosts to all party members and I wish i could add this to my game. I tried to copy this “feature” giving the summon a passive state (yanfly’s script) that is an Aura State (Yami’s) but it didn’t worked. Do you have any idea or hint that may help me with this?

  6. Hello Yami, how do I equip it is possible (pairing) summons in specific actors?
    Former want it to be possible to equip (Pairing) the ONLY summons the actors ID 002, 005 and 010.
    The other players can not equip summons.

    What about the “Boost Stats”, how do I get this “Boost” follow the same idea as the previous question? or else the boost in particular actor is greater than another.

    • I would also be curious as to how to specify which actors are able to junction. I’m not great with Ruby, but what lines outline the fact that EVERY actor can junction EVERY guardian. It seems Yami hasn’t been on this thread in a while, but any assistance would be appreciated. This is a great script series, incredibly enriching!

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