Bugfix: Events Order

Last Updated: 2012.05.07

Get Here: Download Link


This script fixes Events Order when you delete an event and recreate it. In other words, This script will make RGSS3 create Events in right order (sort by real ID).

This script doesn’t follow the Term of Uses.


3 comments on “Bugfix: Events Order

  1. Hi,

    I want to report that I got an “RGSS player stoped” to work after I put your script in my game. The bug happened because I made an event with random troops.

  2. Hello,

    On my game some of my events are cutscenes and some will be related to all the quests I’ll imput but I want them to only play once. And since its in storymode, and most of them are event based would that still work?


  3. All hail Vix AND those AMAZING PANTS!!! I cannot tell you how much I just ADORE them – the pattern, the fabric – they are perfection, amor! That hat is killer and you do look particularly DIVINE in the last pic. Losscndvpecialeauae, Sarah xxx

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