Guardian Esper Learning

I miss Final Fantasy 6…

Last Update: 2012.05.12

Get here: Download Link

Requirement: Basic Module (Update 2012.04.27) – Guardian Pairing


This script provides a way to learn skills through Guardian Pairing. The way to learn is alike FF6’s Espers, You will gain points for each skill after battle and learn that skill when points reach requirement.

How to Use:

Place this script below Guardian Pairing.
Actor notetags: 
<teach skill: x> – Guardian can teach Actor learn skill x. Use multi-tag for a list of skills.
Enemy notetags:
<teach point: x> – Change amount of points for killing this enemy.
Skill notetags:
<teach requirement: x> – Change amount of requirement points for learning this skill.

18 comments on “Guardian Esper Learning

  1. are these skills kept by the actor even if unpaired also could an level req be added?

    eitherway sounds like a good script

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  2. Just out of wondering, is there any plan in the future to have each guardian be able to teach skills at their own rate? Like, say if you had two guardians that taught the same skill, but one teaches it after getting 100 ability points, and the other after just 50? Seems like it’d be mighty tricky to do, I admit, but it (and level-up bonuses, should that be of any interest to you to make) would make your guardian series able to entirely replicate FF6 espers.

    Either way, thank you very much for this script! I was going for a system along these lines in the rpg I’m working on and I wasn’t sure how I was gonna pull it off at all… so yeah! You rock! ^_^

    • I know what you mean.
      The esper’s in final fantasy 6 (3inusa) taught skills at different rates.

      Basically it worked like this: Each battle gives you points earned towards spells from espers. (Usually between 1 and 3 probably based on the monsters your fighting.)

      In ff6 Ifrit taught the following skills:
      Fire (10x rate) Fire 2 (5x rate) Drain (1x rate)

      While in ff6 Bismark taught the following skills:
      Fire (20x rate) Ice (20x rate) Lightning (20x rate) Life (2x rate)

      So lets say that to learn each skill based on espers being equiped using Bismark would get you the Fire spell in half the time than using Ifrit.

      So if you did this to make it so that Fire needs 100 total points put into it Ifrit would give you 10% to 30% per battle and Bismark would put 20% to 60% per battle.

      Basically if a battle would earn you 1 point and your learning rate is 10x you would gain 10 points towards that spell so if the spell takes 100 points to learn that would be 10% I have not played ff6 in about a year and I had to look up some of the information online.

      All the spells had the same amount of points to learn and different espers would teach at different rates and it all worked out.

      If you added this kind of feature it would be nice to be able to customize the amount of points to learn each spell.

  3. Whenever I put this script I got an error like this:

    Script: ‘Yami Guardian Esper Learning’ line 162 NameError occurred.
    undefined method ‘notetags_reader’ for class ‘RPG::Actor’

    But without it, the Guardian system really works fine

  4. hey Yami! love the script and thanks for making it 😀 but i seem to get an error when i put in Yanfly’s Victory Aftermath and i tried asking Yanfly if he could fix it but no reply. Can you make your Guardian Esper Learning compatible with Victory Aftermath? and btw the problem is if the GEL(Guardian Esper Learnig) is before VA(Victory Aftermath), i don’t get any points but if its after VA, i get an error at the victory screen 😐

  5. Is there a way to summon your linked guardian to a specific location on the battle map rather than just have them appear clumped together?thank you i love this script

  6. Hello!

    With this script there is a sentence VICTORY_MSG_GAIN = “Your party gain %d GSP.”
    But, i would like to show GSP unit in the menu of guardian (leran skill) as “50/100 GSP” for ex

    So please… how could i do that?
    Thanks for your answers.

  7. Even though I have the Guardian Basic above the Guardian Esper Learning, it still has the Notetag reader error…

    What should i do?

  8. Hey I just want to say I love your scripts but I have a couple of questions. First in Esper learning you have:
    to change the amount of skill points required for a specific skill and enter it in the notes of the skill but after I do it eithe in the note or in the note space on the guardian’s class the required points do not change and remain default of 100 which is in the script.

    My second question is:

    Is there a way for the guardians to teach the skill one at a time because I don’t want all the skills that they can teach to level equally, What would be perfect is just one at a time but if I can’t do that I would like each skill to be completely learned at different times.

    Is there any way you can help me with this?

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