Lunatic CATB Starting Formulas

Lunatic CATB Starting Formulas!

Last Updated: 2012.01.20
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Require YSA Battle System – Classical Active Time Battle

This script gives you custom formulas for starting ATB Gauge by using these notetags.

<custom catb start: string>


<custom catb start>
</custom catb start>


  1. COMMON ADD: This will always be used.
  2. These notetags can be used with Actors, Enemies, Weapons, Armors, Classes and States.

There are 3 examples in script:

  1. <custom catb start: start battle x%> : Starting ATB Gauge in percent.
  2. <custom catb start: first strike x%> : Have a chance to have first strike.
  3. <custom catb start: none strike x%> : Have a chance to lose all ATB Filling at start of battle.

Use your Lunatic CATB Starting Formulas wisely.


12 comments on “Lunatic CATB Starting Formulas

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  2. There seem to be a problem, can’t say why though. I added the script under YF battle engine, everything works fine, unless a class is set as follows:
    When the battle starts, the actor get full ATB bar, but when i then choose an action, the ATB bar will stuck. All the other actors do their actions except for that one.

      • Ah there it was the problem, didn’t update the main script properly. Must have missed some lines while copy pasted. Sorry for the trouble. Everything works just fine now.

  3. Hi, I also use the classic active time battle, but in a pre-emptive attack/surprise the ATB bars start from 0 as in a normal battle – I’m sure I’ve missed something obvious. Can you help me?

  4. Does anybody know how to randomize the ATB bars at the start of battles? As is, everyone always starts at the same percentage full. It would be nice if every now and then someone else got the first turn lol

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