Old Script List

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Here are the scripts made for RPG Maker VX Ace. Keep in mind that these scripts aren’t compatible with RPG Maker VX (not Ace).

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Total: 22

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For term of uses, click here.


10 comments on “Old Script List

  1. Hey Yammi,

    I just saw up the top “feel free to suggest”, so here’s a suggestion! 🙂

    One script I really want is one where after X amount of steps, your team’s stats get reduced by Y% to indicate they are getting tired. Battles will have a deesignated number of steps to them as well, so constant battling will also make you tired. It should be possible to set a limit to the reductions and these reductions are reset when you sleep.

    Just a suggestion 😉

    • I think I must wait for Ramiro’s Demo, because I’m too lazy to learn how to work with Ramiro Battle System :D.
      Anyway, If you wanna use, just place my battle system on the top of custom scripts list (CUSTOM, not the default RGSS3), but below YEA – Core Engine and YEA – Battle Engine.
      Any scripts that touch the battle (like party command, lunatic mode…) place below my battle system to make it work properly.

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