Guardian Menu

Manage Guardians with Guardian Menu

Last Update: 2012.03.30

Get here: Download Link

Requirement: Basic Module – Guardian Basic


This script provides a Scene Menu for Guardians. You can manage menu commands for Guardians from here.

How to Use:

If you have YEA – Menu Engine, You must add a custom command for this Scene. That command must call Handler Method :command_guardian.

17 comments on “Guardian Menu

  1. I’m curious, Yami, is there a way to make it so an actor can be used as a Guardian (paired up for stats and/or summons) but prevented from being used in the active battle party?

  2. Hey!
    I didnt get how to make the menu appear. I have the YEA Menu Engine, but I dont know in which part or line that I put the command that you especified.

    • Under “CUSTOM_COMMANDS”, put :command_guardian as the handler method and the command will be “:” followed by whatever you want, (without the quotes.) There are examples in the script. Then put whatever command you entered there, under the “COMMANDS” section which is above “CUSTOM_COMMANDS”.

  3. Alright, I’ve solved the problem, but found a ‘bug’.

    When you try to put more than 19 guardians, the others dont appear because the screen dont roll down. Theres a mean to put something to scroll down the screen? My game needs much guardians \:

    • This bug happens only in the “Junction” option. In “Conditions”, “Equip” and “Skills”, the cursor goes down and the others guardians appear in the screen.

      • Im having this same problem as well it would seem as if the bottom of the window isnt defined havent figured out how to fix it yet. Any help Yami?

    • Super , vind de andere boeken al geweldig ,dus deze staat al op mijn vellengrijstja.maar vindt het ook heel mooi van jullie dat ,jullie op de site er bij betrokken zijn en advies en tips geven.groetjes Liz

    • Very bittersweet…I loved every second of it. I watched the Download festival on youtube countless times. Lucky enough to have seen them live on the Second Coming tour. Again thanks to FNM 2.0 and to all the FNM at the Brooklyn show ” You reminded me how fun and passionate you all are”Hey Admin….when is that live album from this tour coming out? That was a painful April Fools joke but a good one. I have to believe we will see this band again but it will be some time.

  4. how to call custom command in Guardian Menu? I tried to call Yanfly Class System inside Guardian Menu but the screen stays freeze. Can you help me?

  5. Hi, the “Guardian” on the menu seems to be Grey out and I can’t access it. I installed the rest of the Guardian Scrips and put the in the note tag. Am I doing something wrong here? lol.

  6. I swear I am struggling, but I can not understand how do I invoke the command in a custom menu (the default menu was easy).

    On what line, exactly, should I make the change? and how I should make this change?

    Sorry, but I was pretty confused.

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