Guardian Basic

Last Updated: 2012.06.27

Get Here: Download Link


This script is required to run all scripts from Yami Engine – Guardian Series.
This contains many methods for Guardian Series:
  • Mark an actor as a Guardian.
  • Provides two new Windows for Guardians.

Remember to mark an actor as a Guardian to make it works. To mark, You have to use this notetag for actor: <guardian>

This script will be updated more in the future in order to run new scripts.


94 comments on “Guardian Basic

  1. It took me a moment to understand what this did, and then the sheer potential hit me like a sack of bricks.

    A really nice idea. You might want to expand the description a bit, it’s sort of laconic right now.

  2. So, are there any benefits to making my character a guardian? So far I see that I have a group of people named “guardians” in a specified window and that is it. Personally if your going to do something like this; I think it’s a great idea to incorporate this into having player switching in battle. So like a player has a guardian and he can call for it’s power or just plain old switch out. This would be a lot like Final Fantasy X if used with your CTB. I think that would be pretty awesome.

  3. Hi! I’ve been testing the script, and it gives me an error in battle, I used Victor’s Animated Battle Script, and gives me an eror when the script tries to reset the actor positions at the end of the battle… only when I use a skill of the Guardian with an actor junctioned with that Guardian… Can you help me? what should I do?

      • I’ve been using the Animated Battle script alone and it was ok, but now gives me that error.. do you think it’s a incompatibility? is there a way to create a patch? I’m not a good scripter 😛

      • Hey! it’s only a problem in the order of scripts, i think this is solved now! thanks a lot! If it gives me any other problem i ask for your help! 🙂

  4. Hi! another question (sorry :P) I have a summoner actor class, and I want only actors with that class can be junctioned with the Guardians… is that possible? What should I configure?
    example: the problem with FFVIII guardians system is: the characters are basically the same because all of them can be use all the guardians. The game would be more “strategic” if specificactors can summon Guardians or can summon an especific element guardian, etc

    Thanks in advance!

    (sorry about the “regular” english)

  5. well when using with yanflys scripts everything works but when you enter a battle then the guardian is also shown in battle instead of not showing

  6. way to add new guardian is, we can add party member with actor that have notetag using event, right?
    but, i can’t remove guardian with remove party member by event.
    there is another way to remove guardian from list in the middle game ?

    [again, sorry for my bad english, thanx]

  7. sorry, but when i open link to download script, the scipt is still 2012.03.26 updated, not 2012.04.02.
    and I tried it in the game and no change to, CMIIW 🙂

    • Yami,

      How do you use this custom script I’m running the game with your scripts and the Guardians do not recover even after I rest my party. Is there anything I have to do to get that work?

  8. The entire party works now but if i try to use recover all on a single actor it gives me an error

    Script ‘Game_Interpreter’ line 130: LocalJumpError occurred.

    no block given (yield)

    • Hell, I’m not sure about that yield thing T___T.
      Anyway, I removed the entire party event for guardians. Now you have to use YSE.recover_guardians to recover all guardians.

  9. #==============================================================================
    # ■ Game_Interpreter

    class Game_Interpreter

    # alias method: iterate_actor_id
    alias yse_iterate_actor_id_gb iterate_actor_id
    def iterate_actor_id(param)
    if param == 0
    ($game_party.members + $game_party.guardians).each {|actor| yield actor }
    #~ yse_iterate_actor_id_gb(param)
    actor = $game_actors[param]
    yield actor if actor

    # alias method: iterate_actor_index
    alias yse_iterate_actor_index_gb iterate_actor_index
    def iterate_actor_index(param)
    if param < 0
    ($game_party.members + $game_party.guardians).each {|actor| yield actor }
    #~ yse_iterate_actor_index_gb(param)
    actor = $game_party.members[param]
    yield actor if actor

    end # Game_Interpreter
    this seems to have fixed it

  10. Thanks for your efforts and amazing work!!

    Is ther any chance to get a fix to show the obtained exp for the paired guardians in the Yanfly’s Victory Aftermath script?

    Thank you!

  11. A little question for you Yami ^^

    How can i check if an actor is paired with another with a condition ? For exemple, i want to initiate a dialog only if actor A is pairing with Actor B.

  12. I have a slight problem, and don’t know how to fix it.
    My character is unable to equip any pieces of armor nor any weapons until she joins with a guardian.
    However the animation to attack is the same as if she has no weapon equipped. The animation should be what is linked with the weapon equipped.
    I do not know what to od to get a sword animation to work when a sword is equipped rather then physical hit animation.

    Greatly appreatiate any help given.

  13. i pasted all the scripts what should i do next i cant really understand what shoul i do with and how make an actor as a Guardian when i pasted all the scripts why i cant see the esper learning only the Guardian menu?

  14. nothing happens when i pasted it still no guardian how do i use this? Skills notetags:
    – Mark this skill as a summoning skill.
    – Mark this skill as a return skill for guardian.
    Actors notetags:
    – Play animation x at enemies when summon this guardian.
    – Play animation x at enemies when return this guardian.
    ahm can you give a demo of your basic guardian pleaase XD

  15. I Having a error message when the battle ends. At first I thought that was imcompatibility with YEA – Victory Aftermath script. However, even deleting this script didnt solve the problem.
    The error message is:
    “Script ‘YSE Basic Guardian’ Line 285: NoMethodError occurred.
    undefined methot `colet’ for nil:NilClas”
    I’ve already checked the settings many times and nothing works.
    Can you help me, please?

  16. Oh, thanks! You know whats the problem that I said before? The error message is displayed after the battle ends:
    “Script ‘YSE Basic Guardian’ Line 285: NoMethodError occurred.
    undefined methot `colet’ for nil:NilClas”

      • I’ve already tried that. ]=
        What kind of thing can this error be? Do you have another idea about?

      • If can have, the current scripts I have:
        > YEA – Menu Engine, Ace Core Engine, Ace Shop Options, A Item Menu, Status Menu, Equip Menu, Party System, Battle Engine;
        > KS Minimap
        > YSE – Basic Module, Basic Guardian, Menu Guardian, Learning Guardian, Pairing Guardian.
        > Picture Bug Fix
        > Craft System

        most of them are by Yanfly or yours; theres 3 scripts that differs. I already tried run without them.

  17. I have a problem, and i don’t know how to fix it:

    “Script ‘YAMI | Basic Module’ line 200: SyntaxError ocurred.
    unexpected ‘<'
    class <"

    ¿It could be an incompatible system? Thank you. 🙂

  18. can you add method to remove all guardians?. if you have a lot of guardian it would be hard to remove them one by one :D.

  19. how can we heal guardians? or set items usable by guardians only
    also do guardians gain exp along with actors or is there something we need to add first (like a script call)

  20. I’m not sure why it is drawing a junk symbol/”” in the Window_StatusGuardian. I am not using a custom font.

    My equipment screen does not have this problem, so I doubt it is something to do with a custom font, and I do not have any fixes in place to correct it if it was.

    My font configuration with YEA – Core Engine is this:
    FONT_NAME = [“VL Gothic”, “Calibri”, “Calibri”, “Calibri”]

    I also took an image of it to help display the problem:

    Thanks. 🙂

  21. I cant get thee Guardian command “Show”. Could someone break down how to link the Guardians Basic Script to Ace Menu Engine. I think im not linking the right switch together. Thanks

  22. I can’t open the menu or add guardians to my party. It’s all method errors in the Guardian Basic system (e.g. ‘collect’ and ‘include’)

  23. When I try to add a guardian to the party, it just says “Script ‘Guardian Basic’ line 322: NoMethodError occurred. Undefined method `include’ for nil:NilClass.

  24. How can i make this compatibile with the Yanfly Vicotry Aftermath?!
    At least there’s a script that does the same thing and it’s compatibile?

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