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Since some people like the overlay mapping (aka parallax mapping), I have code this thing to Ace. I have used Hanzo Kimura’s idea to make this, of course this script have a new feature to make each layer in a map can be swapped to another image by variable. This means you can make day/night, etc… in ONE map.

Check the Instructions in script to understand how this works.

That’s all :3


51 comments on “Overlay Mapping

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  2. This is one of my favorite scripts! Thanks for your work Yami-san!
    If you don’t mind, i’ll share the script with everyone from brazilian community. You’ll be credited for it!

    I liked your blog too!! I hope you can share more experience with us!
    Thanks again!

  3. How come only the parallax items appear but not the base layer ? I can’t even see my character anymore…Help would be appreciated ! Thanks!

  4. Yami, something I noticed with your Overlay Mapping. I don’t know if this is an error on my part or not, but I can’t seem to get it to work at the same time as Modern Algebra’s Animated Parallax.

    I want to animate my waters but I don’t want to stop using your awesome script 😦

  5. Hello! 🙂 Just wanna say, I love this script so much<3 Much easier then eventing each tree branch that goes over peoples heads.

    However, I've run in to a snag… I'm using your script and Victor's Fog Script. I got the one you edited to make the fog script go over-top the parallax layer of this script.

    However, the map I have is tinted using a Tint Screen event, and now my fog is no longer tinted. I thought maybe if I used tags to tint my fog, it would fix it. But when I tint my fog, it tints my ground layer too.

    ; ; I can't seem to win. Is there a way to fix this? I just want the fog tinted without tinting the Ground anymore then it's already being tinted by my Tint Screen effect.

  6. Hello, I use your overlay script but I have a problem:
    When I change the blend of screen the part in “par_” are with a different tone:


  7. Hi Yami.. I love this script of yours(Thanks to it your making my work easier XD) But unfortunately.. I have a problem with lights.. My map is about 150 Width and 13 in height (It’s for a cutscene) , and I made a ray of lights that measures exactly as my map.. but the problem is when I put the light file I created into Graphics/Overlay then Playtest to check things out.. It seems that the light only covers about 27 Width of my map.. then the rest of the map are normal.. What should I do with this certain problem 😦

  8. One question!
    How do you know your image will fit 100% over your map? how do you do it? screenshot via prtscrn key andthen photoshop¿

  9. Can you please update your instructions to make it clear where to save the script file, and how to use it in my detail. Your explanation is very very vague. Thanks

  10. How do you add objects to the map within rpgmaker? I have the map layers all set up and they are working and now I want to build a house on top of the parallax layer using the tools and objects in rpgmaker?

  11. is there any way to place the ground layer under the rpgmaker objects? I made a road in gimp to use for the ground layer but it goes on top of the fence i placed in game? I want to make the fence go on the top of the road.

  12. Hey, great script, I love using it!
    Only problem I have is when I compress a finished game with encripted game data. Then the pictures for the script won’t be shown. All maps are just black. I thought it’s because there is no “graphics/overlay” folder in the encripted data anymore, but other scripts that use custom folders don’t seem to have that issue.

  13. Hi, first of all i want to thank you for all your hard work Yami 🙂
    I’v got just 1 question. Is this script works with Modern Algebra’s Animated Parallax Script? If not, is there any other way to make for example parallax map but with animated water like you can do in rpg maker editor?

  14. So I got everything working except when I playtest my map the overlay moves with the character. How do I stop this from happening?

  15. Noooooo… I search for a long time a script like this, i finally found it and links are broken !! haaaa… :/
    please new link, because this script is very useful ! :p

    • (And it apparently works awesomely. Just took me forever to find it. I was beginning to think, it was a myth. :P)

      Thanks Yami. 🙂

  16. Dear Yami,
    I have been trying to get your script for a long time now every time i try to download it. It says that there is to much traffic it wont let me download it. I really like how your script works i have seen videos and i want to use it. If you would be so kind as to help that would be grate

  17. I cant get the automatic stuff working… Ive named everything exactly as described in the scripts instructions, and i cant get it to work… Im getting extremely frustrated… Can someone please give me some pointers????

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