Party Combo Counter

Combo Counter again!

Last Update: 2012.06.08

Get here: Download Link

Requirement: Basic Module


This script will make a counter, which counts number of hits and damage for your party. You can make a congratulation-word (just like the words Cool! above)! A few setting, and this script is plug and play.
Maybe some people will have a mistake when think this alike melody’s. Actually, It still counts Hits and Damage, but this will count all Hits and Damage of your party in one turn, until that turn is ended or something interupt you.

How to Use:

Copy and Paste, then change Configuration as you wish.

8 comments on “Party Combo Counter

  1. Hey, just wondering if there’s a way to save the ongoing combo count as a variable? I’d like to use it as a multiplier in damage formulas, so that when the combo is broken, the multiplier resets.

    • Well, you could use max combo count, seeing as how it’s already stored as a variable, and modify the last lines of the script to have it reset each turn. It wouldn’t give the exact effect, but it would be similar enough to function properly. Of course, this wouldn’t allow you to store the actual max combo count, though max damage is unaffected. By default, the combo count variable is #10.

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