Pop Message

Pop Message with Bubble Tag

Last Update: 2012.06.07

Get here: Download Link

Requirement: Basic Module


This script adds pop message feature for message system.

How to Use:

Use these code inside your message:
\bm[x] – Make message window pop on event x. Set x to 0 to pop on actor.
\cbm – This will cancel manually pop message.

Copy bubble tag to Graphics/System and named it BubbleTag. This is a sample tag 

157 comments on “Pop Message

  1. oh sweet! this is diff going to be my message system im going to use… this in fact is the best one and thank you very much yami for releasing this for us and u shall be credited =)

    PS: can you please add a feature to where a balloon or bubble shows underneath the event talking to? so people dont get confused who is saying what when another event is close to each other? purty please? thanks =)

  2. its finally finished outstanding job yami!!! screw what others say about you, i think your awesome! hey can you add the bubbles under the message text box when you get the chance =D

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  3. Hm, limiting the number of lines (or leaving them at 0 for unlimited) doesn’t appear to have any effect on the messages. From my observations, the pop messages always are one line high independent of how much text there is. o.o

  4. I haven’t tried your new script but can you please tell me if text gets cut off if the actor is near the edge of the map?

  5. Great improvements over the earlier script. I noticed major changes right away. For one the auto adjusting text box, thank you for that, and also how the \bm tag is localized to each individual text box instead of auto running until a \cbm is called. Good job.

  6. Can u add the comic baloon under message box so it would look like the event or player is actually saying the words from message text. How can u tell who is saying what when other events are close by? Would be more defined if this thing would have a comic baloon and point out who is talking

  7. Outstanding job yami for the bubbles ^_^

    tested it out and it works… only problem is when you use the message box for narrator settings, the bubble is placed on the far upper left corner of the screen and it stays there until u use the \bm[x] settings and then it will the bubble in the correct position. try it out and you will see what i mean ^_^

  8. Thanks for the fix yami… u fixed the bubbletag but i also forgot to to mention the message box… if u go to default message box the first time, it will align perfect… but when u go to \bm[x] settings and then switch to default message box… the default message box is not align correctly. the whole message box is off to the left.

  9. u fixed the bubbletag position when using default message box… but there was also another error which causes incorrect position of default message box when you switch from \bm[x] to default message box.. when you do that it positions the default message box incorrectly… please check this out.

  10. sorry yami but its still not fix…. =( do a test… create two events to display text messages… one event with bubble message \bm[x] and the other event be a default message… you will see that when you talk to the bubble message event there is no problem… but when you talk to the default message event the position of the default message is off to the left. please test it out and you will see what i mean… thank you

  11. i tested out the demo and it does the same thing…. heres what i did in ur demo…. i first talked to the NPC that says, ‘I have a bubble tag on my head.” and then after that i talked to other NPC that says, “ABC” the message box is off to the right…. but u talk to the NPC vice versa then the error doesnt occur… its just in the order i put them in… any idea?

  12. its basically, the default message is not properly aligned… it only does that when i first talk to the NPC that says, “I have a bubble tag on my head” and then talk to the NPC that says, “ABC”… the ABC default message box is not align correctly and is off to the right… but if u keep on talking to that same NPC, the alignment will eventually correct itself after a few times of talking to it. weird?

  13. to be exact on the error…. make sure u place urself under the NPC that says, “I have a bubble tag above my head”… and after u talk to him…. turn left and talk to the NPC that says, “ABC”…. and you will see the message box off to the right….. i just tested this out right now.

  14. sorrry but just found a new error although the alignment is fixed but now the default message doesnt show all of the text… it is only showing partial of the text while in default message box… try it out… type a bunch of words and lines in one message text box…. it wont show all of them and it only shows partial.

  15. I can not read your movements Yami. I was also here racking my brain to know what the problem was the script to try to help and you were already packing up, haha​​. XD

    Apparently he does not have any more errors. I tested here and there all right, in fact, very good script,I think it’s one of the most requested scripts (at least some friends were pestering me to create something or convert of the Vlad to the Ace).

    See ya \ o

  16. best message system ever…. ^_^ I cant think of any other message system better than this…. well, as of for now LoL…. nothing beats this message script as of so far =) very well thought of yami and i wanna let you know for the outstanding fix u done to make it perfect…. thank you from the bottom of my heart…. oh and, do u have a picture of urself or something? I sure wanna know how u look =)

  17. oh its finally fixed!!!!!!!! THANKS A BUNCH YAMI =) talking about sexy, makes me wonder… are you really? LOL you sure got talent… did you attend information technology school?

  18. I suppose there’s a problem with the bubble tag. If i set the bubble to false, so it won’t appear, i get an error at line 327 saying undefined method ‘visible=’ for nil class.

  19. I keep getting an error.

    “Unable to find file:


    Even though I have checked several times to have your sample Bubbletag for it. I even tried MA’s BubbleTag and called it BubbleTag like the name but it didn’t find it.

  20. Sorry for my bad English. I have a problem when you remove such an event is deleted event, for example id = 2 and we recreated the script shifts the id and \ [bm2] is placed above the event id=3

  21. Same as Lunri, It seen it dont use tha Real Id of a event
    it uses the order of creation of events,
    so you have 5 events, each if one bubble everthing is fine
    But if you delete event 4:
    the script will think tha event 5 is event 4

    and if you creat a new event, its event Id will be 4, but the game will keep reading event 5 as 4
    and the new event Id 4 will be read as 5

    • I don’t believe that’s a bug with the script so much as it is just the way the VX Ace event creation works.

  22. @Herman the German( I think too its a bug on Ace itself)
    actlly the even id stays the same.
    and if you delete or even change a possition on the “event 1” (for example) on a map.
    every bubble will be on the wrong place.
    even if you put the bublle command after change events.

    so on a big map with lots of events , if you delete one, anytime, this script will became almost useless,
    you will have to use trial and error, to find the true event ID
    and if you delete another, will have to start again and so on

    • You seem to be confusing the automatically generated Event Names with the Event ID #. To find out the ID of an event, just look for it in, for example, the Move Route command; the number ot the left of the Event name is the Event’s ID.

  23. @Herman the German
    nope its the Real event ID, example
    1- creat 5 events, each one with its bubble( \bm[001] \bm[002]…etc)
    2- test is(everthing is fine)
    3- delete event “1”(ONE)
    4- test it and see the bug

    even if you creat a new event its real ID will be “1” again, the script will act like it was ‘5″

  24. Uh..A Little help here…
    I trying to use your pop message but It always show out of screen…
    -_- Can you fix this or just me that have this problem?

  25. well i got it working and looks great however \bm[x] seams a bit odd (if set to event 3 then the arrow goes over event 4 but if set to event 4 the arrow goes over event 3 :S)

  26. This bubble message is awesome! One quick question- if I have more than one line of text, the face graphic continues to sit on the first line and not move down to the next line. Would it be possible to shift the face graphic down to always have the bottom of the face graphic on the same line as the last line of text?

  27. Yeah, the same bug with the event id is happening to me. Are you gonna fix it? It’s happening a lot, and I really want this script (thank you sooo much for making it!)
    You’re awesome Yami, i love this script, please tell me if you have any idea about when you’re gonna fix this bug…
    gbye :3

  28. @ luisamey
    Seens YAMI haven’t been online for some time now.
    But I am pretty sure as soon YAMI gets back this script will be fixed.

  29. Something i noticed, is that when you make a message that is like this for example: This is unbelievable.\bm[7]\n
    In the message box you get “This is unbelievable. ” So it’s like it makes \bm[7]\n invisible, but keeps the space they actually get in the message box. Is there a way to fix this?

  30. Great work,
    but now the script wont fit the height of the window, so it will always be a 4 lines window… But I think this is a simple error to fix

    But thanks to keep working on your scripts for us

  31. For who have the same problem, just delete the line #435
    ” n_line = 4 if !$game_message.face_name.empty?”

  32. This script is incompatible with Yanfly Message System? That’s because the code functions to add the weapons and variable names is very interesting to my game and I love the pop-message message too… = /

      • I think that another script are making this error when the two scripts is on the game… I will make some tests then. Thank you ^^

      • I let on the scripts only the Ace Message System and your Pop Message. It gives a error on the Ace Message System, the game can’t make the text.clone function. But when I put the Pop Message above the Ace Message, the game don’t acuse errors, but… the Pop Message don’t works totally… I think that the two scripts are with some compatibility problems…

      • This is the line of the error: @text = text.clone

        The error occurs when using messages without the pop message code.

      • I’ve the same problem and I’ve maybe found the reason.
        The rror happen when you not write any code in the dialogue, example : \n but if you write it, there is no bug. Also there is no error when I remove your script, so imo, I think the problem come from your script Yami.

      • I hope this bug will be fixed because it crash the game everythime a dialogbox appear with a code in it 😦

      • Here’s the FIX. Credit to Morngalad.
        Go line > 399
        Above > start_name_window if @event_pop_id
        Add this > clear_name_window

  33. Btw, I modified a couple of lines in process_all_text proc to get rid of the excess width of the bubble. Here’s how I put it:

    alias pop_message_process_all_text process_all_text
    def process_all_text
    @event_pop_id = nil

    • This works but if you use the tags from Yanfly Engine Ace – Ace Message System it still creates a lot of excess width.

      • When I wrote this, pop message and YAE message system weren’t compatible due to a bug. So… I couldn’t do anything about that, sorry.

    • “When I wrote this, pop message and YAE message system weren’t compatible due to a bug. So… I couldn’t do anything about that, sorry.”

      I made a mistake… it’s not just the control codes from YAE message system, but also the ones already built into RPG Maker VX Ace. If you or someone else knew how to fix this, it would be appreciated.

  34. Pingback: Tests de : scripts de dialogue « Blog of Chaos17

  35. Hello Yami, I have a question.
    Can I translate your script to portuguese and post it in a brasilian forum? You’ll put the credits and the original link ^^

  36. Hello, this is a good script. But I have found a problem with it.
    When putting a lot of tags on one line (like the \bm tag, the YEA tags, etc.) the message window will stretch as if the actual text for the tag was displayed, even though it wasn’t. Here’s what I mean.

    It would be greatly appreciated if you would fix this. (maybe use script call, comment call, or a tag that lets the message box ignore other tags) Thank you in advance.

  37. Another feature that I think would be useful is if you could change the bubble tag mid-game. But it’s not as important as what I said in my previous post.

  38. Sorry, one last thing… another suggestion I have is controlling where the choice window goes, and an option of having the pop message appear above a following party member.

  39. is it possible to set the pop messages to the current event?, i mean like with the same code, so i can copy paste events?

    +1 on the bubble tag change mid-game

    when 2 characters are talking diagonally (in front of each other) can the pop message appear down for the character that is below, so that the pop message doesnt be on top of the other character?

    i still get some excess width even with the fix suggested above

    • Yeah I love this script. Hopefully someone can figure out a way to get the window to size correctly when Yanfly escape codes are used. I’ve tried poking around (a lot actually) but I haven’t had much success so far as I still don’t understand what I am doing.

  40. Nice script Yami, but how do you do it so you don’t have to press enter. I just want to use it for athmosphere, townsfolk talking to each other, etc.

  41. Hello! I’m kind of a super newb to VX Ace. I put the Basic Module and the Pop Message inside of the script editor, yet the same old windows are there.

  42. I tried to have this script on a player, during a move script, and the pop up stays in where it was created and doesn’t follow the player about. Is there any way to fix that?

  43. Hi there, Yami. I’m a noob, so forgive me for asking this silly question. I installed your script perfectly. And I added the code \bm[x] before the text but nothing happened. Can you help me with this? T.T

  44. Hi, I’m using your pop message script and I really like it!
    (qui insomma dici che sto script ti piace xD)
    If I could, I’d suggest just one thing which would be useful for many, I suppose.
    What I need is the possibility to include the Choices window in the \bm[ID] and \cbm[ID] system, as it actually follow the standard behavior to appear upon the default message window.
    It would be nice if the window could have the tiny arrow upon the head of the one who’s speaking, like the balloon message ^^
    Obviously the choices window should work as usually if the balloon system isn’t enabled.

    Thanks in advance (:

  45. Hello, Yami ^^
    Just a little question:
    Is it possible to change the limit width in game, maybe put it in a variable? You know, sometimes I have very long texts… or very small ‘-‘

  46. How do I place the bubble tag image layer over top of the message window, like in this mockup? http://i48.tinypic.com/71pvfb.jpg The bubble tag is in the same position and everything, it just goes over top of the message window layer instead of under it like the bubble tag image file is designed to do, and it really makes the look of things a lot better. This is a great script but working that out would make it perfect. Sorry if it’s already been asked about; I skimmed the comments and didn’t see anything.

  47. Hello Yami 😀 Is there a chance that I can get a copy of an old version of this script? I would like to get the auto pop message functionality.

  48. Hey Yami… I’m trying to use this script, but I get an error… Don’t know if it’s a bug, or what, but here goes.

    There are two situations, and I always get the error in the same line: 406

    The first error is when you try to display any options, after any choices are displayed… Say for example:

    Wanna fight a boss?
    1. Bosses Zone 1
    2. Bosses Zone 2
    3. Bosses Zone 3

    When you click Bosses zone 1, you have the option to choose wheter they’re common monsters or final bosses… Something like these:

    1. Bosses Zone 1.
    1. Common monsters
    2. Final Bosses

    Well… I know it’s simple… But when you click the option Bosses Zone 1, the game crashes. Error in line 406… Any idea?

    The second situation is even stranger… When you go into your menu, and go out of it. And inmediately afterwards, you speak with an event that offers you some choices, and you hit the “Nothing” one, crashes again.
    Same line…

  49. Ok… I’ve solved it… Sorry.

    I dunno if the solution is “what is supposed to do” or not. I create a message, just before the NPC offered the choices. The message is “transparent” and says “/cbm”. Somehow this message does not require the player to press enter… So it’s like it didn’t exist, and it fixes the problem…

  50. Hey Yami! I love the look of the script, but I just wanted to know if you can put the bubbletag image in the github link. I don’t know if it’s a lot of trouble to do so or not, but if you can do that then that’d be lovely 🙂 The images in the comments aren’t showing up with the proper transparency in-game for some reason, so the bubbletag is surrounded by a white box :/

    Thanks for this script though! It’s such a blessing as the original messaging system is a tad ugly.

  51. Hey Yami this script looks exactly what im looking for but im really terrible at script or idk im just slow on understanding, and the demo you have posted to a guy its deleted now and pictures not there aswell, please i would really appreciate if u could send me a demo or postcomment it, Thanks alot

  52. Hey, Yami, just wondering where I could find a Bubble Tag image. The image you have as a sample image isn’t there, and I can’t seem to find any elsewhere.

  53. Hi! I have a problem with escape characters too, i´ve made an experiment with the fix for the older script with the newest and all text shows in white… :s Thanks

  54. First all of all, thanks Yami for your great scripts. 😀

    I’ve noticed there’s an undocumented feature, \bmf[x], which allows you to position the window to a follower, but it’s slightly to broken. To fix it, you you should do the following:

    Comment out line 280 and use this instead:

    # elsif @event_pop_id == 0
    elsif @event_pop_id == 0 && @event_pop_follower == false

    Comment out line 287 and use this instead:

    # elsif @event_pop_id > 0
    elsif @event_pop_id > 0 || @event_pop_follower == true

    Then it works perfectly. \bmf[0] refers to follower 1, \bmf[1] to follower 2, etc.

    • This is great! Why wasn’t this documented by Yami!? >_<
      I didn't see it because I used the newer Version from January 29th 2013 which I can't find here (I don't even know where I got it…) and there's no such code, but in this Version with the altered code from you, it really works like a Charm!

      Do you (or anyone else) know, why my Bubbletag Image is below the frame from the Textbox?

  55. Help!
    Download link is ‘This account’s public links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled!’

    where can i download?

  56. Hi all,

    I wonder if there’s still support for this amazing script? I’ve found the more recent version of this script (from 01/29/2013) but it no longer has the functionality to display Pop Messages on Followers. I was wondering if anyone’s come up with a way to include that feature in that version of the script?

    If not, could someone help me fix the older version (06/07/2012)? For some reason, the first message I input in an event always has the Name Window hidden behind the Faceset. :/ The messages that follow have the Name Windows in the right place, however.

    Aghhh, it’s so frustrating. I really love this script, and it’s everything I’ve wanted except for these kinks. T^T Someone please help~

    • Ana, that link you supplied to gameDev should have the older version on it.. Check under old ace scripts

  57. For those of you who are running into the hide_face error when a choice box is used without a message the fix seems to be simple (and I have not actually ran into any issues since, though I still have a lot of playtesting to do). When you get the error it directs you to def close_and_wait, and states that there is no method for hide face. Yami appears to have forgotten to run her alias within this section. Here is the original script:

    alias yes_pop_message_close_and_wait close_and_wait
    def close_and_wait
    @bubble_sprite.opacity = 0 if @bubble_sprite

    Here is what it should be
    alias yes_pop_message_close_and_wait close_and_wait
    def close_and_wait
    @bubble_sprite.opacity = 0 if @bubble_sprite

    Not sure of its long term effects but it stops the error from occurring at least 😀

  58. Great system! but dude, i have a little problem here.
    I using a fog system and using images to done the light effects for maps.
    I really want to use the bubble tag, because it’s pratical. But the bubble tag stay below of images on the screen, and below of the Fog effect.. i try to fix this, but i don’t get results.. can you give me a help plz?

  59. This is an awesome script. It actually saved me some work as using victor lights was causing me to specify a light for message boxes and I also had to specify the position. But now with this script I don’t have to do that at all. The issue was that the message box was darkened like it was below the shade. Now its above.
    There is only one issue I have encountered. During ‘narrating’ I guess is what this is, the name box does not line up with the message box. YEA Message script.
    So when I have autorun script displaying messages over other events, the name box is any random location on the right cause I have them to the right. Might just be a compatibility with the other 70 scripts I’m using. But even still, I’ll take it. Thank you very much Yami for your hard work on this. I may be 4 years late but I just started using vx ace.

  60. I just had another thought. Something I was trying to see if I could do a script call to fix. I change my windowskin in the game depending on a choice. So for one side the bubbletag for the pop message is good, but if I want to use another windowskin, the colors do not match. I can’t see a way to change the use of the bubbletag file to bubbletag2 file in mid game. Is that possible?

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