Charge Turn Battle

This version will not be updated anymore. Check out new CTB. It still has the same feature so please don’t worry.


17 comments on “Charge Turn Battle

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  2. Update 2012.02.03:
    – Make this more compatible with other scripts.
    – Added queue action (press left or right when choosing action for an actor).

  3. I think that I’ve found a bug. It doesn’t crash the game, thus it doesn’t make an error report. But in every battle, at around the third turn, a window with the single option of “Execute” is displayed over the top of the actor command window.

    I can’t find this window defined anywhere in the base battle system or yanfly’s. This script is supposed to bypass that window completely, isn’t it? I think that simply deleting either the call function or the window itself will remove the problem, but I can’t find either one of them. Can someone help?

  4. Hi Yami, I really like this script. It’s great and it’s just what I wanted for my game. My one problem with it is that when I have pre-battle dialogue, the battle status window appears and disappears in between each box of dialogue. Before I plugged in this script, dialogue flowed smoothly without that happening.
    It’s quite annoying and makes the dialogue feel choppy. Do you know of a way to fix this issue?

    I can comment further with more detailed information if needed.

  5. I have a problem. I would appreciate any help you can give me.

    Line 859: NoMethodError occurred
    undefined method ‘make_actions’ for nil:NilClass

    Occurs as soon as I make any action in battle test.

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