Battle Scripts

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3 comments on “Battle Scripts

  1. Hello, I’m looking for a battle script that will work for Kaduki Characters… I cant find any for Ace so far and the ones that do are complicated since i have no experience in scripting… I was just looking for a Battle system that’s Side-view that uses Kaduki.. Sorry for posting this Randomly but your work is marvelous i was hoping that you had something up your sleeve. 🙂

  2. Les commentateurs sur mon stream font des commentaires bizarres sur tomic, du genre c est un « thinking player » et le pire coup que tu veux faire quand tu es un thinking player c est de jouer un second serve…??? Thinking player comme player qui a pas confiance dans sa tete? Purtant a part la double il a pas l airOu cmme fn stratege? Mis alors la remarque st etrange…? Help?

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