Overlay Mapping

Last Update: 2012.04.16

Get here: Download Link

Requirement: Basic Module


Still overlay mapping, but rewritten a little in core updating. This script will automatically load parallax pictures for a map, it will be more convenient for parallax mapping.

How to Use:

See Instructions in script, or check out my old demo (Do not use script inside demo, it’s out of date).

54 comments on “Overlay Mapping

    • Dear Yami, I’ve been trying to get into parallax mapping, but for some reason the scripts and materials I need to download almost always say that the traffic is causing the link to be temporarily disabled. by chance is there somewhere I can download the overlay script somewhere else? or perhaps if you could repost the script on a new feed? I hope that’s not too much trouble. I’m sort of a noob at this, and I need parallax for my game. I’m trying to learn everything I can, but I can’t do that if I cannot find what it is that I need. I have the same problem with light effects. I tried going to victors light effects but the traffic is so bad that those effects are temporarily disabled as well. could you point me in the right direction to links that are possibly just as good or better, or just a place with the same stuff but a less busy website? I will figure the rest out on my own, I just need simple redirection.

      • September 12, 2012 at 8:06 pma7><I&#821/;ve been wondering this since the day I’ve wanted to become a film maker. I have Final Cut Pro now. How do you get that one fluid audio when switching from one angle to the other. When I do it without filtering or doing anything the sound is choppy when switching from shot to shot. What is the trick in the timeline to get one fluid (with no choppy cuts) fluid sound track while still in sync with the actors lips? Thanks Reply

  1. Really like this script! Thanks for sharing. Just wondering if you could fix a little bug. When making an event that’s “below character” it places the visuals for the event below the ground layer which can cause some issues. Also if it’s not much trouble do you think you can make a small modification that lets events be above all layers except the lighting? Such as an event that’s a bird flying above? I believe you made the edit last time for Hanzo’s script. Thanks very much!

  2. Um, I wanted to use this script in my game, but i’ve encountered certain problem. I have a map with both loops set (horizontal and vertical). When I use this script, pictures appear as they should, until I won’t go near the border of the map. Then all these layers just disappear. What do?

  3. I don’t know if this is happening to anyone else but when I use this script it causes my first few global switches in my game to turn on automatically. Is this supposed to happen?

  4. If I call for a save window like through a savepoint, it deletes the overlay and nothing in the script works. This does not happen when saved using regular save from the menu.

  5. This script makes overlays come automatically right? I used modern algebra’s animated parallax script as well, but since the overlays are loaded automatically, i can’t animate anymore! Help me 😦

    • I can see this reply is old but here is your answer, on your overlay just make the part that you want to parallax transparent or nothing, then you will see the parallax threw the overlay

  6. Hi Yami.. I love this script of yours(Thanks to it your making my work easier XD) But unfortunately.. I have a problem with lights.. My map is about 150 Width and 13 in height (It’s for a cutscene) , and I made a ray of lights that measures exactly as my map.. but the problem is when I put the light file I created into Graphics/Overlay then Playtest to check things out.. It seems that the light only covers about 27 Width of my map.. then the rest of the map are normal.. What should I do with this certain problem 😦

    (I double posted in case you may not see the other sorry for that 😦 )

  7. I hate ask about an old script but I am horribly confused. How do you make sure that everything appears where you want it? Also how do you know what size to make the image file for the map?

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  8. Yami, can you edit it so it won’t conflict with MOG’s Parallax Ex?
    There’s a conflict in which it says ‘Line 215: NoErrorMethod occured’
    ‘Undefined method ‘dispose’ for nil:NilClass’

  9. I had a quick question. All my layers show up and had to position it correctly but the problem that I am getting is when I move the overlay layers are moving as well. How can I fix this so it doesn’t move?

  10. for fuck sake i hate Drop box and its stupid error 509 its stopping me from downloading anything thats rpg maker vx ace related! demos and scripts!

  11. It’s just my luck that the links would be down as soon as I decide to get into Parallax mapping. If you could somehow fix them, that would be wonderful! I got so excited looking at your preview image– I want to make beautiful maps too T.T

  12. Is there any possibility of you being able to re-upload this particular scrip to another website? It would be very much appreciated if you could.

  13. Noooooo… I search for a long time a script like this, i finally found it and links are broken !! haaaa… :/
    please new link, because this script is very useful ! :p

  14. Hey the dropbox cut the service to the links again could you offer a new link or maybe send me the source via email please 🙂 btw awesome job thank you for doing this 😀

  15. Hello, I’d like to know if your script has some kind of size limit. For example, I used in a test project with maximum map size of 30 x 17 (960px – 544px). It worked perfectly. Now, I tried with another project with a maximum map size of 80 x 41 (2560px – 1312px). It didn’t work at all, not even the default lock image. So I cut this in half, 43 x 41 (1376px – 1312px), and only the default lock image worked, the parallax layer don’t. So, I wonder if I’d have to redraw the entire map and make it even smaller in order to make the script work.

    • Weird enough, I tested empty maps with 50 x 50 (1600px-1600px), and they are working. It’s just that specific one that is not. I don’t know what to do.

      I’m using Galv’s Bust Script, but I changed all the variables and switches on your script to 100-200 positions, so, it’s not a conflict.

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