Simple Anti-lag Event

No screenshot this time ~

Last update: 07/01/2012 (DD/MM/YYYY)

Version: 1.00

Download here: Script

This will make any event out of screen (this script have a buffer, which means event out of screen but in x tiles near screen will be updated) not be updated.

This also provides 2 names for event, which one is for always be updated event, and one is for decorated event (will not be updated).

That’s all :3

10 comments on “Simple Anti-lag Event

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  5. Uh…Yami…
    Are you forget about this script?
    Or maybe you really don’t want to continue it?
    I’m waiting for it but looks like you are not going to fix this script…
    Well, I’m sorry if this is rude…But can you please fix about the looping map?
    I really need an anti lag script…
    Well, if you don’t want to fix it, Then it’s okay..
    I’m just ask you about this one…

  6. Hey Yami, there’s a bug in this script that I ran into.

    It’s not just this particular teleport spell, it happens with other animations too ever now and then, especially when the going gets very hectic.

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