Aura State

Regeneration Aura !!!

Last Update: 2012.08.27

Get here: Download Link

Requirement: Basic Module


This script will make a state be an aura. Aura state will inflict another states to party or troop until Aura state goes off.

How to Use:

Use these notetags for state:
<ally state aura: x> – This will make aura inflict states to allies.
<enemy state aura: x> – This will make aura inflict states to enemies.

25 comments on “Aura State

  1. Found a glitch/Bug:
    I used the Aura and all my allies are inflict the state.
    When i get kill(or Die), my allies don’t remove the state!

  2. I have test it but is still not working…
    The allies states are not remove when the aura user is dead…
    Any idea why or how? or have you test it?

    sorry for bad english.

  3. Found another again…
    When i use aura inflict states to enemies, a error came out.
    “Script YSA:Battle on Add-on: State Aura’ line 163:Argument error occurred.

    wrong number to arguments (2 for 1)”

  4. Okay, this is really, really odd. I’ve been using this script (amazing job, BTW) for some time, but now, out of blue, whenever I try to use an aura-inducing skill, I get an error “Stack level too deep”. The problem is, I even removed all other scripts, literally having only this one between Scene_Gameover and Main, and it still occurs. No idea what’ going on… Do you happen to have any tips? It’ really quite important. Thanks in advance!

  5. “Ally” strictly means “actors” and “enemy” strictly means “enemies”. So if a state with “ally aura” is added to an enemy, all actors receive the aura.

    Could be poor tag name, or bug.

  6. I have an error, that I’m not sure if it is conflicting scripts, or something else. I have a script that sets a state at the beginning of battle. The aura state opens every time, but the effects it is creating only activate again after I heal the full party.

  7. Hello! I have been hunting for a script like this for so long… and now that I find it, of course I can’t seem to get it to work with other scripts I already have installed. It seems to be conflicting with Victor Sant’s Toggle Target and possibly something else because I keep getting two different errors:

    #1 –
    Script ‘Scene_Battle’ line 404: NoMethodError occurred.

    undefined method `input’ for nil:NilClass

    #2 –
    Script ‘Victor Engine – Toggle Target’ line 476: NoMethodError occurred.

    undefined method `attack_skill_id’ for nil:NilClass

    I only get these errors when I try to attack the enemy. If I just stand there and let the enemy attack me, it works just fine.

    Not a big deal if it’s just not compatible. I just wanted to see if I could get any help or at least just know if I need to keep forcing it to work or not. Thanks!

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