Charge Skill

Charging Attack!!!

Last Update: 2012.05.13

Get here: Download Link

Requirement: Basic Module


This script provides Charge Skill Feature. A charge skill will have to take some turns before execute, which means You have a delay after choose that skill.

How to Use:

Use these notetags for state:
<charge turn: x> – Set charge turn to x.
Optional notetags:
<start charge message>
A start charging skill B
</start charge message>
<continue charge message>
A continue charging skill B…
</continue charge message>

32 comments on “Charge Skill

  1. Yami, Lyson here, I’ve noticed something that (I think) is unintended in your Charge Skill script.

    If a battle ends while a character is skill charging a skill, they’ll start the next battle off in the middle of charging.

    You can see it in my video. Start at the 4:05 mark, then watch until the start of the next battle.

  2. Yami, I think I found an error with your update:

    # new method: update_charge_skill
    def update_charge_skill
    @charge_turn -= 1
    return end_charge if @charge_turn == 0
    return false

    I’m not well versed in scripting, but I kept getting an “undefined method” error after completing a battle and entering a new one.

    I’m not sure if it’s a scripting error or if I’m having incompatible scripts. I do know I have not added any additional since updating from your previous version, which worked fine outside of the end battle gltich.

  3. Wow, Yami, you sure work fast!! 🙂

    Tested it out, and so far, everything is working perfectly. Tested ending battles while skill charging, charge successfully reset. Also, no more crashes.

    I think I might ❤ you. :p

    • ASC wan idinsalamay salankadib inti Muslim ah oxanunsan alle subhanuahu watacatcala hacafiyo amin tnakale gabadha masomaliba? Waa gabar Muslim ah ayalajiri adinkana soilyinalaaedmhin qofka xanunsan kan walan kan dhintay kuli masobaliba? Muslimka alle haugargaro aminFikrad lala dhacay 8  1

    • I’m using a variety of scripts that I’ve compiled together from the libraries of Yanfly, Yami, Victor Sant, and Kread-Ex. The scripts themselves are the property of their respective owners. I only claim the battle system that I’m designing around the use of their scripts.

  4. Yami, I’m sorry to have to bring up another issue, but I think you should know:

    Now, I don’t know if this is because of your script, or because I’m having a compatibility issue with another script (if it’s a compatibility issue, then it would have to be Kread-Ex’s Skill Fusion)

    Here’s my issue:

    If I go into a battle encounter with more than 1 enemy, lets call them Enemy A and Enemy B: I have both of my party members use their skills (Skill A has a charge of 2, Skill B has a charge of 3) on Enemy A.

    10 times out of 10, one of them will not target Enemy A, the skill will target Enemy B, even though Enemy B was never selected.

    Like I said, I don’t know if this is a script issue, or something I’m doing wrong on my end, but I thought I would bring it up.

  5. 도와주세요! 두 가지 문제입니다.

    ‘Charge Skill’을 에너미가 사용도록 했을 때.

    Enemy’s Cast : 충전 도중 가능한 적의 공격.

    나의 설정입니다.(Skill)

    는(은) 집중하고 있다.

    메세지가 뜨지 않는다.

  6. Please help! Are two problems.

    ‘Charge Skill’ to be used when the Enemy.

    Enemy’s Cast: possible enemy attack during charging.

    My settings. (Skill)

    The (a) is focused.

    Message does not pop up.

  7. very good! Clear Enemy charging Thank you,

    hmm, but Message does not pop up …

    in my skill note tags:

    The (a) starts charging power.

    The (a) charging power.

    This does not apply.

  8. This is a very nice script…is there a chance you could tweak it so it shows a looping animation or something to visually show the player who is charging? So the player can easily tell which target they should hit with a stun or silence so they can disrupt the skill.

    • Trying adding a invisible invincible state to the user when the user used the skill “Fly” and then set the invincible state to last until the turn before user executes the skill

      • How would you go about adding the state before the attack goes off? I’m assuming something with Yanfly’s follow skill script…but how would you do that?

        The “invincible” state would target the caster and the attack would have to target the chosen enemy.

        I can see it working just fine with a self buff just fine cause they have the same target both times….but how to do it with two separate targets?

  9. Hello Mr. yami, I use this script to the bug occurs.
    “Optional notetags” tag all the messages are not output.

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