Patch System

Patch Scene

Last Update: 2012.03.17 (2012.05.29 for Lite)

Get here: Download Link

Lite Version: Download Link

Requirement: Basic Module (Last Update: 2012.03.17)


This script will help you to make patches for your games. This works with Encrypted Games as well.
This script will load your games’ data and storage in a small file. Players can download this file and copy it into games’ folder to patch it.

How to Use:

To call Patch Maker, use this Custom Script (can be called with Script in Events):
You will have to choose Maps/Tilesets/Common Events… to make patch for, and then confirm at Patch! to create patch.

Lite Version:

Press F5 on Title Screen when Testing Game by Engine to make patch.

Caution: You must change :unique and :salt in Basic Module for security.

32 comments on “Patch System

  1. Update 2012.03.17:
    – Released Full version.
    – Have Database patching.
    – Have a button Patch All.
    – Have a hash checking.

    Remember to download Basic Module again.

  2. I have run into a problem. Gam_Interpreter line 1411 has come up with an error when executing the script.

    undefined method ‘patch_start for YSE:Module

  3. Update 2012.04.06:
    – Changed a little in fake-patch detection. You can turn off this function too.

    Sorry for lastly bug about this feature.

  4. Hi, just wanted to tell your script work after I put under ALL my scripts O_o”

    But I don’t understand this : “Players can download this file and copy it into games’ folder to patch it.”
    You mean the patchfolder ? Then how do I tell the game to patch my game ?
    Sorry I know that I sound confusing. I just want a step by step how to patch the file.
    My english is bad.

      • I might have mentioned this before, but I’ve been told that the reason I do well on Alexa is because of a simple quirk regarding typepad addresses (and the way Alexa measures them), not because of the number of people who read it.Now, obviously some people do read it – my Dad for one, but not as many as the stats suggest. Shame, it felt good being number onyn.Aywae, Iain does deserve to be up there. His blog is the first I recommend when asked.

  5. Hey Yami, this might not ever get done but I wanted to ask permission to use this script as a base for a potential online patching system. I’ve been working on several online scripts ( and an online patching or online content distribution system was something I’m interested in developing. So anyway just wanted to ask permission to your script for that. Thanks.

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  6. Hi, thx 4 this script.
    I got an error, when i installed the lite patch script, i can´t create no more events or something else. In the real play this the createt takes no effect. When i delete the basic and the patch script all does work normal.

  7. Yami posted on the main page
    I have finished Symphoria Site, so You can feedback any bugs or errors on that site. I won’t take any feedback on this wordpress anymore. For my old scripts, I will choose important or popular scripts and port them to my new engine – Yami Engine Symphony.

  8. after i create the patch file …
    where will the player add the patch ?
    just in game folder and start the game or there is something they have to do ?

  9. no you do not have to do anything who is really convenient. I would advise you to always patch all and make the user replace that patch with the newest. You must not forget that this patching does not add any art nor music to the game. for that you need to add them manually for the non encrypted and for the encrypted well make a new one:(

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