I have finished Symphoria Site, so You can feedback any bugs or errors on that site. I won’t take any feedback on this wordpress anymore. For my old scripts, I will choose important or popular scripts and port them to my new engine – Yami Engine Symphony.

I have created a fanpage on facebook too, so you can follow us there.

Please support me more. And say goodbye to Yami World. I will miss you so much, my first blog ❤

Released Battle Symphony – Symphoria

Symphoria – RPG Maker Heaven

I) Battle Symphony:

I think I have been delayed too much on Battle Symphony, so I decided to post released version here sooner than expected. However, I haven’t finished Battle Mechanics (still have ATB and CTB ongoing). I have written a manual for Symphony too, but no Demo and Examples this time, I still have things to do.

Enough talking, here is the link to Battle Symphony:

Have fun ~

II) Symphoria:

I’m gonna change my page to Symphoria, so You will have to update my works there. However, I haven’t finished that site, so You still have to report bugs here.

P/s: Yami World is 1 year old now. There are 168,000 views all-time, a big number for individual coder right? Thank you for trusting and loving my works that much. 😀

Battle Engine Symphony – Final Beta

Symphony – Final Beta version

Ah well, before releasing ATB and doing some other add-on, I fixed some recently errors and decided to released this final beta. Anyway, IIRC, there was only one thing I added to this – the movie tag (Try skill Movie!!!) and there are many bugfixes too.

Hope you find out as many as bugs/errors to make the version 1.00 have the best performance.

P/s: I’m making a github so that developers could help me in Symphony development. Wish you like it.