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Well, I forgot What I have to do with Symphony (except the add-on for custom-format battlers and ATB), so I need You guys to give me some ideas for this. I will check and do things that I feel good for mostly people.

After this system, I will take a long break, so that there will be none script posted here for the time. However, I will still take request/commission. I also take customize request for Symphony. We can talk about price when you request.

Thank you for support ~


About Terms of Use

Well, there are some guys asked me that whether Symphony is available for commercial or not. I will answer that Symphony is free for commercial, which means I won’t take any profit from this system.

There are some reasons for this:

  • I’m using the template of Melody tags, which belongs to Yanfly, so I cannot take any profit from this.
  • I want you to have a system to make games for people, and this is also my hobby.
  • etc…

And for the using and developing, You can:

  • Create Add-on for this system and even sell it (however, You shouldn’t take profit from the core of this system, because the core is belonged to me :D).
  • Remake this system to fit your works.
  • Use this system for Commercial Works.
  • If You really like this and want to support me, There is a Donate button for you on the right of this site. If You gave me a free copy of your work, that would be nice too. 😛

Anyway, Have fun with my work :D.

The newest version of Symphony

Battle Symphony – 8D Battlers + Holders Battlers

Kaduki and VX’s 8D Characters

Remember that I changed a lot in lasted scripts so if you are going to use this, please copy all scripts from Configuration to Holders Battlers.

For 8D Battlers, You should name the character files as Name_8D (You shouldn’t remove 8D, or it will use normal Battler).

For Enemy Battlers, If you want to use charset, Add this notetag into Enemy’s notebox: <battler set: Charset_Filename, Charset_Index> . For example: <battler set: Actor4, 0> for Eric character. Also, You can add Weapons and Shield Icons for Enemy by notetag: <weapon 1: weapon_id>, <weapon 2: weapon_id>, <shield: armor_id>

For Holders Battlers, You should add this notetag into Actor or Enemy notebox: <holders battler: Filename>. You have to put Holders Battlers files into Characters folder in Graphics.

Please feedback more in order to make this battle system better.

Download – Tags

Battle Symphony – Alpha version

I have just finished all the basic things for battle. Please help me about checking bugs/errors.

Any Bugs/Errors or Compatible Issues with Yanfly Engine Ace and Yami Engine, please report here. Don’t spam or I cannot check  all issues. Thank you.

Download Demo

Tags Note (I copied from Melody, because almost tags I made the same as Melody)

Battle Decision [Updated]

The progress is not so far. However, I have a decision of this Battle (I called this Battle Symphony to make it like Battle Melody :P).

I will use YEA – Battle Engine as a base, because this script provides me a lot of features, like Popup, some fixes (animation, etc…), … I will also take all requests which relate to Compatibility with YEA (ONLY YEA).

Finally, Working now ~

Well, This work is running smoothly, at least now finished Move, Animation, Damage, Teleport and Icon tags. You can see this small clip to see how far I reached.