RMVXA Script Collection

RMVXA Script Collection

My Symphonyan site is currently down at the moment, so please visit this site for scripts in the mean time. I will search my old scripts and update more there.



6 comments on “RMVXA Script Collection

  1. Any possibility that you could link or post your note tags manual for creating custom actions in Battle Symphony? Since your site went down I no longer have access to it so I’d really appreciate having access to it again.

    LOVE your scripts by the way, Battle Symphony + Visual Battlers is amazing!
    Thanks in advance! =)

  2. I cannot find your Predicted Charge Turn Battle-Script anywhere in that github. Is there a reason behind this or have you just forgotten to add it? I would love to use that system.

  3. Will you be doing a new simple PCTB script soon? Also you should do a good FFX conditional turn-based battle system. Theres not enough battle systems like that but loads of generic atb ones -_-

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