Released Battle Symphony – Symphoria

Symphoria – RPG Maker Heaven

I) Battle Symphony:

I think I have been delayed too much on Battle Symphony, so I decided to post released version here sooner than expected. However, I haven’t finished Battle Mechanics (still have ATB and CTB ongoing). I have written a manual for Symphony too, but no Demo and Examples this time, I still have things to do.

Enough talking, here is the link to Battle Symphony:Β

Have fun ~

II) Symphoria:

I’m gonna change my page to Symphoria, so You will have to update my works there. However, I haven’t finished that site, so You still have to report bugs here.

P/s:Β Yami World is 1 year old now. There are 168,000 views all-time, a big number for individual coder right? Thank you for trusting and loving my works that much. πŸ˜€


20 comments on “Released Battle Symphony – Symphoria

  1. Wow, Yami! Thanks for this wonderful script!
    Just to know…When I put the YE – Symphony Core, I delete the separate files of Sprites Initialization and etc?


    • There are earlier demos which are good to learn from, also the manual is easy enough to understand, and with some older demos in older posts you can figure most things out.

      I made a character be able to throw icons, and its very easy. I did have to tamper with thing until I got it right, but if you persevere, you can do amazing things.

      Its what Tankentai could have been, but wasn’t.

  2. Found a subtle yet infuriating little bug, in my game you battle as each character separately during an intro when you are introduced to them, and then when they meet up you fight the first boss, when you do and the battle launches, they all appear on the same position, instead of paced out across the battle field.

    I suspect this behavior is because they are all at the position of party member one at a certain stage, there might be a simple work around and I’ll look into it.

    Good luck fixing this either way.

      • Ofcourse.

        This is what is happening, all actors are cramping into the first position in game, like this.

        In battle test, no defect like such is seen.

        I gather this is because before this battle, every character has a battle of his or her own, of which they are all detected the first actor, and it simply isn’t updated.

        Does that make sense?

      • Awesome, it behaves correctly now. Thanks for the swift response. I’ll check out the demo’s later.

        Also I have a small suggestion, some people I know (myself included) cant stand the default resolution of VX Ace, so we change it to 640×480. Most works well, enemy battlers however, are one of very few things unaffected by this change. So when you have monsters that cover an entire screen, its a little immersion breaking and fundamentally silly when the enemy god bosses head is in invisible space above the game windows viewport and is 64 pixels above the battle status even with the troop on the bottom of the field in the database.

        A default option to move all battler down by an amount of pixels would be great, and perhaps a simple note tag can be used for some enemies, this will help people using animated enemy battlers too, especially where larger spritesheets are concerned.

  3. Excellent system :).
    I tried Battle Symphony with Yami’s Classical ATB (:wait mode). It all seems to work fine except whenever I escape at the same time an enemy (in my case a rat if that matters) is about to make a regular attack/body slam on me the engine get’s stuck. The escape succeeded but the battle scene is still active and not responding to input anymore..

    • Given what I’ve read in “Behind the Exclusive Brethren”, I think you should be commended for coming forward with this latest story. The EBs are an aberrant fundamentalist cult, with reprehensible authoritarian leadership hierarches that have concealed abuse of women and children within the past, as well as alcoholism. I believe several EB elders have been arrested for sexual offences against children.

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