Battle Engine Symphony – Final Beta

Symphony – Final Beta version

Ah well, before releasing ATB and doing some other add-on, I fixed some recently errors and decided to released this final beta. Anyway, IIRC, there was only one thing I added to this – the movie tag (Try skill Movie!!!) and there are many bugfixes too.

Hope you find out as many as bugs/errors to make the version 1.00 have the best performance.

P/s: I’m making a github so that developers could help me in Symphony development. Wish you like it.


61 comments on “Battle Engine Symphony – Final Beta

  1. Yami, I have a question.

    Its possible to setup the differents systems of Symphony by default in this part of YEA – Battle Engine script? I tried this way but did not work:
    Sometimes is not pratical to have an system for a entire game being altered by script calls in one event in the beginning…

    # – Battle Status Window –
    # This sets the default battle system your game will use. If your game
    # doesn’t have any other battle systems installed, it will use :dtb.
    # Battle System Requirement
    # :dtb – Default Turn Battle. Default system.
    # :ftb – YEA Battle System Add-On: Free Turn Battle
    # :tbb – Turn Base Battle
    DEFAULT_BATTLE_SYSTEM = :tbb # Default battle system set.

  2. Hi Yami, I love your script, but I encounter a strange problem, when I use stat increase items like Life Up, the effects do not apply to the character. I know it has something to do with the script because when I start a new project with no scripts the Life Up works fine. Just curious if there’s a fix for that. Thanks.

  3. Well, now its a bug in TBB:

    In battle the game just crashed when I used the <- command in my "keyboard", to undo the action like you do in default battle system. I dont know if you understand, I dont know the proper english word for the "part of computer that you write"…Sorry for the bad english.

    The error message:

    Script 'Turn Based Battle' line 326: No MethodError ocurred

    undefined method `make_actions´ for nil:NilClass

    • This error happens after switch the commands from Attack, Skill etc to Fight or Run and so on a few times by .

      Trying to make this clear, hope you can understand. lol

  4. Sorry for spamming. After ending some battles with the F8 feature of YEA – BattleEngine for instant enemy kill the game crashed after battle. (dont know if this will occur after few battles in normal way of win)

    The error message:

    Script Sprite Initialize line 234: NoMethod error occurred

    undefined method `actor sprites´ for #Spriteset_Map:0x89fd564

  5. No meio da batalha apareceu assim: Script ‘Press Turn Battle’ line 538: NoMethodError occurred. undefined method ‘magic_reflection’ for #

  6. When i use the :tbb sometimes i get this error before taking my turn:

    Script ‘Turn Based Battle’ line 326: NoMethodError ocurred.

    undefined method ‘make_actions’ for nil:NilClass

  7. Forgive for my bad English, I from Russia, very much was pleasant to me your script but I can’t find 8D sprite in any way ((( Prompt please where you take them. I will be very grateful. ^^.

  8. Not sure if this is the right place to post, but I’m having trouble setting up a skill that attacks entire group. The animation plays completely, but the damage does not apply to enemies. Thanks.

    animation 114: user, wait
    hide nonfocus

    animation 128: target whole
    ani wait: 3
    magic effect: whole
    skill full dmg
    wait: 3

    show nonfocus
    afterimage: user, false

    • You should replace the line: skill full dmg with skill effect: dmg. If that skill has some effect (like cast buff/debuff/state upon targets), use skill effect: whole

    • Actually know what, just tested again with a more powerful skill, the animation repeats on other enemies when the first enemy dies, the animation repeats untilall enemies are dead.

  9. nvm yami i found out the error. animation 128: target, not animation 128: target whole

    anyways did you ever find out why stat upgrades don’t work? I posted on the battle symphony final beta but never heard your reply.

    Whenever I use LifeUp or ManaUp, nothing happens, but when I start a new project without the script it works.

  10. Yami, can you tell me if it’s possible to use fallen sprite of normal charset as dead char? I want him to appear on the field instead of vanish. I use normal charsets, not 8D battlers.

  11. Yami, Sorry to keep bombarding you with questions, but I’m having problems with skills, powerful skills do not finish the animation if it kills the enemy. Multi-enemy skills replays the animation for every single enemy, how do I fix this?

  12. i use symphony tags, the normal skill does not display the character’s animation.

    normal skill, the character stands there while the animation of the skill plays.

    If i use symphony tags I can set the character to display a skill activation animation and then the animation for the skill.

  13. animation 114: user, wait
    hide nonfocus

    animation 128: target
    ani wait: 3
    magic effect: whole
    skill effect: dmg
    wait: 3

    show nonfocus
    afterimage: user, false

  14. will you be including shorter note tags (like define the actions in the script and then just call the action using a tag in the note field as it would save the note field being overloaded with animation code also could you provide more weapon animation example (notably bow and gun)

  15. I had an enemy trying to escape and got this:

    Script ‘Actions Define’ line 93: NoMethodError ocurred.

    undefined method `attack?’ for nil:NilClass

    • Found another bug, in test battle I used an item to revive my cleric and she reappeared, but also the sprite of another dead character that I didn’t revived. I was using characters without the 8D (the default Ace RTP, since the does’t have sideview characters yet)

  16. Another bug: If a character dies in a battle and you dont ressurect him and encounter another battle, he will be displayed as he were alive. Just visual bug.

  17. I am loving this battle system. It only has one hangup that I see thus far, and that is its lack of multi-frame animation support. I forget off hand if Melody initially had support for that, but I remember it working well with multi-frame animation scripts regardless. If this could work well with multi-animation scripts, like Victor’s (can see it here: ), then it would be absolute beast.

  18. Ohhh please help me i used this script and i love it but i can’t put more battlers …i put this
    ACTORS_POSITION = { # Begin.
    0 => [480, 224],
    1 => [428, 244],
    2 => [472, 264],
    3 => [422, 284],
    4 => [450, 264],
    5 => [450, 284],
    } # End.
    but does’t work…
    what am i doing wrong???

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