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Well, I forgot What I have to do with Symphony (except the add-on for custom-format battlers and ATB), so I need You guys to give me some ideas for this. I will check and do things that I feel good for mostly people.

After this system, I will take a long break, so that there will be none script posted here for the time. However, I will still take request/commission. I also take customize request for Symphony. We can talk about price when you request.

Thank you for support ~


35 comments on “About Symphony Development

  1. id like to see video support like whats in victors system makes special skills look really awesome also a battle mode like from final fantasy 13 would be nice apart from that think you already have things covered

  2. What sort of things do you feel that it needs?
    If it’s what sort of tags are required/desired then I have a suggestion based on the kinds of battlers I’m in the middle of making.
    Something which can control the speed in which actors/enemies advance and retreat, for example fast (Ninja), normal and slow (Tonberry, Dendroid).
    Is that the kind of thing you’re asking about?

      • Certainly, I didn’t want to go into detail incase it wasn’t what you were asking.
        I made this a while ago to show someone what I thought people would like to have as Tags if they were to use my animated battlers also if it was possible: http://gyazo.com/6c2fded8ac330e534a59f255a802f55f.png
        The speed would be for actors and or enemies, this would simply alter the dash and retreat speed (not graphic frames but in terms of physical movement) in which the actor/enemy graphic moves towards and away from their target.

        Rather than the user/developer having to know numerical values to have as their speed, I was thinking that if it was possible for words to be used rather than a value.
        example for this would be StoneGolem would have

      • Cools that’s brilliant. I love sharing and developing graphics with scripters, if you ever want to chat about ideas or concepts just send me a message. Like my Mags animated battlers for example.

  3. anyway to make the tags in the weapon note boxes more ‘simple’ like define a note tag in the script then just call the animation via a single tag

  4. Thank you for the great work.

    I wasn’t sure where to report this, so I posted here, sorry if it’s in the wrong thread.
    I downloaded the latest version today, and the battle animations work fine until I start using holder’s sprites. I noticed that attack, advance, Thunder Blade, and Omnislash animations all use the idle sprites.

    I read as much documentation as I could find on your site, and checked the sprite references in your Holders Battlers script, but all of the references seem fine. All other animations:Aura Blade, Retreat, and magic cast seem to work alright. So, I want to know if I’m doing something wrong, or are these issues that need to be fixed?

    • Oh, It’s because Thunder Blade/Omnislash/A sword (that I cant remember its name) have an older symphony tag. You can add/replace pose tag by stance tag to make it work.

      • Thank you for the help. I finally got it to work, I found that deleting all the tags got the holder sprites to work properly. And I figured out the system a bit better thanks to your tip about using the stance tag.
        I admit, I’ve never used the original Melody, so I’m still learning this system. Do you know of any more documentation that can help me understand the commands better? I noticed many tags I didn’t see in the text file included with the demo. Or are they older tags?
        Are 8D Battlers, Enemy Charset, and Holders Battlers the only scripts needed to run this system? Or does it require any of your other scripts?

        I’m sorry to bombard you with questions, but I really would like to learn how to use this system to it’s fullest.

        Thanks again for working on this system, I can’t wait to see the movie tag.

  5. I think a great addition would be for Symphony to utilize Yanfly’s Input Combo Skills effectively. I was thinking it could act like the Xenogears battle system where the actor moves to the enemy and stays within attacking range until their inputs have been completed, then then move back to their original position.

    Maybe Symphony can already do this through some smart tag making, but I know Victor’s Animated is not able to utilize this function.

  6. Idea for a new feature: letting the user specify different “sets” of positions for the actors according to the number of characters in the party (and maybe other things, like switches…)

  7. I think I found a bug: if I use your sistem, even if I check the “Continue even when loser” box, I still get a game over.
    I tried the same battle without Simphony and it works, so I think the problem is there…

  8. I glanced over both this thread and the actual Battle Symphony thread so I hope I didn’t just miss it, but the victory animation isn’t showing up at the end of battle, for Holder’s Battlers or for the 8D battlers. I was using the default turn-based battle, if it helps!

  9. An ATB would be quite nice
    Also.. (not sure if it’s the right place for such requests), if there is any lans for YAE cmpatibility? right now the Snatch command (from the YAE – Steal Item script) seems broken with the CTB 😦

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