About Terms of Use

Well, there are some guys asked me that whether Symphony is available for commercial or not. I will answer that Symphony is free for commercial, which means I won’t take any profit from this system.

There are some reasons for this:

  • I’m using the template of Melody tags, which belongs to Yanfly, so I cannot take any profit from this.
  • I want you to have a system to make games for people, and this is also my hobby.
  • etc…

And for the using and developing, You can:

  • Create Add-on for this system and even sell it (however, You shouldn’t take profit from the core of this system, because the core is belonged to me :D).
  • Remake this system to fit your works.
  • Use this system for Commercial Works.
  • If You really like this and want to support me, There is a Donate button for you on the right of this site. If You gave me a free copy of your work, that would be nice too. 😛

Anyway, Have fun with my work :D.

The newest version of Symphony


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