Battle Symphony – 8D Battlers + Holders Battlers

Kaduki and VX’s 8D Characters

Remember that I changed a lot in lasted scripts so if you are going to use this, please copy all scripts from Configuration to Holders Battlers.

For 8D Battlers, You should name the character files as Name_8D (You shouldn’t remove 8D, or it will use normal Battler).

For Enemy Battlers, If you want to use charset, Add this notetag into Enemy’s notebox: <battler set: Charset_Filename, Charset_Index> . For example: <battler set: Actor4, 0> for Eric character. Also, You can add Weapons and Shield Icons for Enemy by notetag: <weapon 1: weapon_id>, <weapon 2: weapon_id>, <shield: armor_id>

For Holders Battlers, You should add this notetag into Actor or Enemy notebox: <holders battler: Filename>. You have to put Holders Battlers files into Characters folder in Graphics.

Please feedback more in order to make this battle system better.

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103 comments on “Battle Symphony – 8D Battlers + Holders Battlers

  1. Oh really cool Yami I love it and I was wondering if you were going to incorporate kaduki styled battlers haha seems like it’s becoming rather complex xD. I’ll get on testing this out and find some bugs for you. Keep up the good work.

  2. Not sure If I’m supposed to post bug’s on this or the previous post but anyways:

    script “turn based battle” line 326: no method error occurred.
    Undefined method ‘make actions’ for nil:nilClass

      • During battle. I guarded around 5 times with both characters then was just mashing attack and it popped up. Trying to replicate the error but so far it’s not taking the bait lol.

      • The error seems to only appear when you gaurd in the battle then die. Without gaurding, the death animation seems to be caught in a loop. The character falls down stand up then lies on thier back and it repeats. Don’t know if this was intentional. Also summon allways fails for me.

    • About death pose, I made a mistake there. You can change it in script 8D Battlers. Change return :dead if … in auto_pose into return :fallen if ….

  3. Moving bug reports here from the other thread.
    Bug Report:
    When you use a counter attack skill or state and an anemy attacks you, it’s like they just fizzle in movement and then take an invisible blow. No action from a counter attack.

  4. i try your demo using ctb.
    if i choose guard guard guard… the enemy not act (or act after about 20 – 30 guard). after some counting… when the next turn is the enemy and i choose guard. i have to guard 4 times then the enemy turn comes. there also some bug… perhaps its because the guard problem. so from above test i know that you have to guard 4 times then the enemy turn comes. here’s the problem. when the next enemy turn. i only guard 2 times. then i use aura blade with the boy. then the battle freeze (actor still animated but no valid action can be done). it’s like there’s a missing turn between. so far i only try that with aura blade skill. and it’s occur often.
    but for as i recall the first time i have this bug not using the aura blade skill but normal attack(but haven’t been able to replicate it yet) hope this information help. 😀

    • About Battle Freeze, I tried and did not get any freezing during testing. I tried guard some times, and then used Normal Attack, then tried with Aura Blade too, however, there was no freezing.

      About Guard and Act: Guard has a speed fix of 2000 (There is a limit for speed fix (check SKILLS_SETTING in CTB) so its speed fix is only 100) so It will add 100% of Clockticks for User, so It will be counted as an instant action. And there is a limit for Instant Actions too, so that Guarding Guy will use up that Turn after limit times of Guarding.

      • hmm that’s strange. i didn’t change anything from your demo (just click game.exe and play). but i need guard 4 times before the next turn comes. and if the next turn is the enemy and i only guard 2 times (means only half of needed to change turn) then i use aura blade. it’s 99% freeze. maybe i try to redownload again.

  5. a little bit new info. the battle freeze when using aura blade is almost 100% except when the enemy dies(killing blow). and i’m using your demo to try that.

  6. Having problems here: When a ally dies, his sprite keeps moving, as if he were alive. Theres some way a to make a generic sprite for the dead, like a coffin or something like that? Cuz the RTP has the $Coffin char… And too, chars that aren’t from RTP doesnt have a dead pose, and this is difficult for people who use the charset generator from internet ou RMVXA.
    Or…Yami, what part in the script I can change the setup and define dead sprite as the $Coffin graphic from RTP?

    Another issue is that any moment that a animation is displayed (normal attacks and skills effects) is being showed twice, like if is mirrored. I dont know what is causing that, can be another script?
    I have the entire
    – Guardian Series (excluding stat boost);
    – YEA – Enemy Bars, Cast Animations (which I tried to disable, but even so the animation mirror persisted) and Steal.

    Thanks for all the effort and help, Yami. This is script is wonderful.

      • Ok! =)
        The sprite death pose something that you must fix or I can?
        And I dont use the 8D Battlers because I have my generated charsets and I’m still trying to learn pixelart, but its not enough yet to make a 8D charset.
        Thanks Yami!

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  7. ok for those who wanted CATB here is a version using it

    now it also includes battle systems that are as close as i could find to the ones yami used but that worked when catb was added (if you wanted to switch midgame) now these systems may be buggy due to being older and not designed for side view battles but seamed to work ok in my tests

    the original scripts are included but the ones that caused errors when with catb are commented out

  8. Found an error, if you have reserve party members when combat starts “Script ‘Sprite Initialize’ line 175: TypeError occurred. no implicit conversion from nil to integer.”

    First found in my project but then duplicated with the 0.2 demo.

  9. hei yami,
    where you get resource sprites for the battler?
    i use this scipt, but i have not the sprites.
    i want to make by my self so i need the sample

  10. Wow, this is great!
    Seriously considering switching to this battle system once it’s fully done 🙂
    Are you going to implement the CATB option too?

  11. after redownloading the demo. the freeze bug did not occur again.
    (perhaps what i try before is older version maybe)
    but can i ask you some question. how to change guard so it would cost a ‘turn’ instead only part of turn (it sucks to guard few times just to advance to next turn).

  12. For some reason the game kept crashing for me and some of the actors didn’t reeally animate to the spritesets like when they die they kept moving XD

  13. i know that you said that you’ll probably only going to do computability for your scripts and yanflys but this script looks like a nice addition but has flaws as in that when switching to select all from select single then it doesnot have any visual effect that shows more than one target it selected also skills that are meant to be targeted for one type of targets when the target is inverted then it just states null (eg heal switching to enemy target just does null damage/heal)

  14. Bug detected in the TBB! 😛

    For some reason, after the battle the game just crashed with this error message:

    Script ‘Sprite Initialize’ line 175: No Method Error ocurred.

    undefined method `actor sprites’ for #

    I dont know what can be this error…
    Looking forward for the next update! 🙂

    • Ugh, my message were send cut.
      The rest of the error sentence:

      undefined method `actor sprites’ for #<Spriteset_Map: 0x8afc9b0

      Ps: this happened after using the F8 or 9 feature for instant kill of all enemies in test mode.

  15. Sorry for posting again x.x

    Another bug found in Turn Based Battle. Simply the battle crashed with this error.
    I dont know, but this ocurred after I refreshed the YEA – Battle Engine to 1.24…I was testing to check if the bug of death sound in Battle Engine was solved.

    Script ‘Turn Based Battle’ line 326 : NoMethodError ocurred.

    undefined method `maker_actions’ for nil:NilClass

  16. Nice Script Yami…A few bugs to work out, but it’s looking good so far. I was wondering; are you going to add an editable region a la The Victor Engine, for users to create their own motions for the sprites? I looked through the various Symphony scripts, but the part that seemed to control poses looked like something I shouldn’t mess with.

    • Passing the budget or allowing borrowings is not the problem. The real issue is, would the funds or loans be used for those projects. What about the the raging controversy that the 2812 budget imitementalpon was poor? Has it been swept under the carpet? How are we sure that this budget passed would also be fully implemented?

  17. I honestly have no idea what I’ve done wrong, but it never goes past the first turn when I use the Charge Turn Battle. In the demo it worked fine but I copied the following scripts over to my own project:
    “YEA – Core Engine”
    “YEA – Battle Engine”
    “YE – Battle Control”
    “Charge Turn Battle”
    “-Order Gauge”
    When I go into battle, the first person to act just keeps having turn after turn, after turn. If the enemy has more speed, than they just keep attacking and attacking, I’m not sure when it stops as I get to frustrated to sit and wait until it stops.
    I’ve tried editing the settings in the “Charge Turn Battle” script, whilst being unsure of the whole tick thing, it still does nothing to change the outcome. 😦

    Other than that, I played the demo and it’s a really nice looking engine, good job to both you and Yanfly.

      • I just compared the two “attack” skills from my project and the demo, they seem exactly the same to me. Is there any settings relating to skills in the scripts? Because I’m not too sure what you meant by speed fix.

        (Ah, I found a line that mentions something about the speed fix, yet mine and the one from the demo share exactly the same settings. ((100 for max, -100 for min.))

      • I’m having the exact same problem!
        One character takes a turn (doesn’t matter if it’s ally or enemy) then the game quits to the editor. Testing from your project, I have no issues, but when copied to mine (or even a vanilla project) I get this issue. I’ve tried copying your script data to my project, thinking it was a compatibility issue, but it still occurs. Help please!!!

  18. Yami, do you intend to release a update with the death pose issue and mirrored animation solved? >.< Sorry to keep asking, but I need to know for my project…

  19. Well, I’ve found a bug.

    When you select a dead character to use the revive item, he appear, right?
    But when you cancel the action and don’t use the item, the char continue being showed in battle. But not do anything and act as dead.

  20. There seems to be a problem with the attack animation command for enemies.
    I used and I still got the same animation (1st available in database)

  21. I love your battle system! Although I just want to point out one thing. Since Ernest doesn’t use a 8D sprite for some odd reason he turns around and attacks when I use thunder blade. It’s okay for the demo but how do I keep normal sprites from doing that because people will not take my game seriously if they do that. Any way I love your script and I want you to keep up the good work 🙂

  22. Thank you. However I ran into a problem how do I make the battle symphony logo in the title screen go away for my game? I can’t find it in any of the script to change it. Also how do I use the default screen size? I just want the battle system. Thank you in advance.

    • You can copy all scripts inside my demo instead using demo itself :o. And for screen size, you can change it in YEA – Core Engine or remove it.
      For Symphony logo, if You are going to use my demo, you can copy script Scene_Title in another project and replace it in my demo. I edited a little in Scene_Title 😛

  23. Hello Yami!
    I LOVE this!!!!
    I have a question. I will see it myself, but just in case. This system is compatible with Guardian summon, right?

  24. Hey Yami, I have an idea for a potential add-on to this script. You should have a menu option that leads to a scene that the player can customize battler positions, to form strategies with AoE attacks and other things.

  25. Hey Yami, I found some sort of problem while using the dtb system “Script ‘Battle Cursor’ Line 146: NoMethodError occured. undefined method ‘set-battle’ for nil:NilClass
    I don’t know much about scripting, but this only happened when I tried to select Fire III and it just came up, I haven’t changed the skill in any way, and it comes up every time.
    I’m so confused…

  26. I have a question, it’s possible to make the character has a different sprite if it uses a different weapon with Holder’s battle style’s sprites?

  27. Pingback: Yami and yanfly Battle scripts links and more | RPG Maker VX Ace - Ian Bach

  28. Hi Yami, i’ve never posted here and you may have answered this question before, but i was curious as to whether or not there were a way to make an actor use one holders battler until a certain level and have the battler change after that level has been passed.

  29. Im sorry to bother you but if someone can help me. i have a problème when i want to enter in my game that said: so please can somone help me?

  30. Oh okay so the site don let me write the message so i make a link : file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Sa%C3%BCl%20Ciryure/Mes%20documents/Sans%20titre.PNG

  31. Hi! Nearly completed my combat system, woo! But one thing, I have row formations defined by states, but no visual cue to show my battlers changing position! Is there a (hopefully simply) way to make the default position of my battlers dependent on their state. Really just need to make the X position change depending on the row,

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