Battle Symphony – Alpha version

I have just finished all the basic things for battle. Please help me about checking bugs/errors.

Any Bugs/Errors or Compatible Issues with Yanfly Engine Ace and Yami Engine, please report here. Don’t spam or I cannot check  all issues. Thank you.

Download Demo

Tags Note (I copied from Melody, because almost tags I made the same as Melody)


21 comments on “Battle Symphony – Alpha version

  1. Small Error, Yami: Need to add a self switch to the intro event you made or it locks you into it. Other than that, I have been waiting and waiting for this! Thank you so much for the new Symphony battle system!! 🙂

  2. Error with the script as downloaded:

    Script ‘Script Core’ Line 344: nomethoederror occurred
    undefined method ‘spriteset’ for #

    It happened when I tried to escape from battle. Hope that helps. I’ll report more as I find them.

    • ok its not the script but if your party has 5 members in it it causes a crash with or without the script (script works fine if only four members are in team)

    • ok really need to test things fully error is fixable if you add the actor postitions in the config script sorry for the triple post

      • Yeah, I was experiencing the same crash here. But I also tried add the actor position and now works perfectly fine!

  3. Well, the Press Battle Turn didnt work. When a enemy or ally attacks, the game crashes with the following error message:

    Script Press Turn Battle line 550: NoMethodError ocurred.

    undefined method `magic reflection´ for #Game_Actor 0x08b8c1c8>

    I think that is incompatibility with a YA Battle Engine Add-on. I have these:

    -Enemy HP Bars
    – Cast Animations
    – Skill Restrictions

    Another Battle Script is the TDS – Battleback Stretch.

    Also, a sugestion: can you put a indicator of who is acting in the TBB ou PTB? Like, put a hand or arrow above the characters head to indicate that the turn is of him. think that would leave things more clear.

    • Não menosprezando as regras gramaticais, penso que o fundamental é a compreensão do discurso. Isso sim!!!!Desde que se respeite algumas regras bádcias…tuso o resto faz parte do estilo de escrita de cada um….

  4. the guardian summon script seams to be a bit buggy when switching guardian to party as only seams to make the caster reappear although the others still attack and their weapons still shown just no actor sprite

  5. ok added your Classical Active Time Battle system but then causes the other battle systems to stop working with this error message

    Script ‘BattleManager’ line114: NoMethodError occurred.
    undefined method ‘>=’ for #

  6. the party members still do not appear to reaper when the summon is returned

    :ds_summon => true,
    :ds_summon => false,

    :aeon_party => false,
    :aeon_party => true,

    also classic atb still does not work with the other battle systems

  7. Having trouble finding more bugs to report. I second PClaydon’s comment, though. A fully functional ATB would be amazing! Thanks for all the hard work Yami!

  8. I really like this, Yami 🙂 Is there a means of adding in a channeling animation for characters who are waiting to cast spells?

    Also, Will this be compatible with your ATB system? 🙂

  9. Hola Ceci, que lindo!! se acerca la navidad, los preparativos son mudoos….civinhs árboles, hermosos ambientes, todo para estas fiestaste deseo un hermoso fin de semanabesosLore

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