Battle Decision [Updated]

The progress is not so far. However, I have a decision of this Battle (I called this Battle Symphony to make it like Battle Melody :P).

I will use YEA – Battle Engine as a base, because this script provides me a lot of features, like Popup, some fixes (animation, etc…), … I will also take all requests which relate to Compatibility with YEA (ONLY YEA).

Finally, Working now ~

Well, This work is running smoothly, at least now finished Move, Animation, Damage, Teleport and Icon tags. You can see this small clip to see how far I reached.


6 comments on “Battle Decision [Updated]

  1. i really hope it is fully compatible with the guardian summon scripts would be awsome (esp if u can also define the animation effects per weapon/skill)

  2. So it will be a YEA for VX. Nice, you should look about both the melody and RBS, and even victor’s Battle systems, you may be got some ideas to the battle animation interpreter I think.

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