Yami Sub-Series – Title Decoration

Well, I have seen many people ask this ask that just to port HK’s Title Scripts to Ace, and then seen many games have the same Title Screen style. I’m so tired of this. So I decide to make this series just for Eye Candy Fetish.

Well, it’s nothing special, just some small scripts to make your Title more showy. In fact, Title Screen is something that most of people wanna skip most; however, It’s the Screen that we have to see every time we play game. So, this series won’t follow my Terms of Use, but Credit is still needed.

I also take request (Scripts only, not Designing) and do things I think those will be useful for other people. You may have to pay me a little if You request for a Commercial Game, depends on kind of scripts.

Anyway, have a nice time with my scripts.


8 comments on “Yami Sub-Series – Title Decoration

  1. Hey Yami,

    I have some paid scripting work I need done in about 4 weeks. If you’re interested, email me at: tobyej@gmail.com.

    Nothing too large, mainly altering existing scripts, but enough to give your weekly income a bump 🙂

  2. Hello,

    I would like to make a request (commision ? Depend of your choice) for a script please :

    I would like to change this : http://yanflychannel…2/01/aso-02.jpg
    Into this : http://i1121.photobu…0704_104123.jpg

    I just want to change the window where the name of the actors appears, put it at the bottom of the screen and show charaset instead just like in the second screen with the little icons beneath them if possible. If it’s not possible to put the little icons beneath the charaset, that’s okay.

    Here’s the script I am using : http://yanflychannel…e-shop-options/

    I hope my request isn’t too hard.

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