YSE – Guardian Series: Esper Learning

I miss Final Fantasy 6…

Oh…well… Long time no see 😀

I have been so busy (and lazy too) so I cannot update scripts last month. Anyway, now I’m back with a new script for Guardian Series!

This script provides us a way to learn skills like Espers in FF6, so nostalgic. You can get more information and download in this page. You have to update Basic Module and Guardian Pairing in order to use this script.

I also updated Basic Module for Notetags Initializer, so I can shorten my scripts a little in the future. Please update this or you cannot use my future scripts :P.

I created a storage for my scripts, so You can access it if you don’t like access my posts. Check it here~

Anyway, have fun ~


9 comments on “YSE – Guardian Series: Esper Learning

  1. I really like this but I found a bug. The amount of GSP gained is not displayed in the “Skill learning” menu next to the skill. It still shows 0 no matter how much is gained. Although it still does keep track of the amount gained behind the scenes because the skill is learned upon getting the requirement. Once enough GSP is gained to learn the skill then it shows the max amount.

    Example: I need 50 GSP to learn Heal and it shows Heal 0/50 in the skill learning menu. I get in a battle and win and earn 15 GSP when checking the skill learning menu again it still shows 0/50.

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  3. Nice to see another FF6 fan 😀 Hoping to implement this into my new project but I have to go over what I really want the game to focus on =/ Looks awesome though! ^^

  4. Hey Yami! love the script. ♥
    can i ask you to do a favor? can you make this ompatible with Yanfly’s Victory Aftermath? it crashes when its gonna show the victory screen… :3 if you find the time, can you do it?
    keep up with the good work btw 😀

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