YSE – Guardian Series: Guardian Summon

Guardian Summon, Aeon Summon, blah blah blah is coming. In Final Fantasy series (especially Final Fantasy 3, 5, 8, 10), I love Summoner so much, so I made this script to satisfy myself :P. Anyway, have fun with this XD.

About two battle system: CTB and ATB, I still update the lastest version of CTB (of course it’s not now, because I have exams too :(). However, I won’t update that version of ATB anymore, but maybe I will rewrite all of that. (because that ATB have too many issues, it’s my first time on doing battle system though). Sorry about that.

Download it here.


3 comments on “YSE – Guardian Series: Guardian Summon

  1. i also love FF summons. actually i made 1 in VX using the TANKENTAI SBS Script. but i think that’s just a waste of time, losing my project file. that’s why i switched to VXA, although i have no plan on re-creating it…

    well here’s the link if you just wanna see 🙂

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