YSE – Text Display: Pop Message

Ralph Hi Ralph!

Well, buggy script is back on the list. This time I fix almost bugs on the last version (in fact, I rewrote this script). You can get it here.

I have something to talk with you all too.

Firstly, I’m so sorry because I didn’t update my old scripts for a long time, I delayed your games so much. It can be known that I’m too lazy to update the old scripts. So I’m sorry.

Secondly, there are people who hate me and insulted me so much. Well, It was my fault at first, but You talked too rude too. Like you said, I’m not a real coder, of course I’m a first year student at a university, so I cannot be a pro coder like the others. If you do not like my scripts, find another coders for you. I did not/are not force/forcing you to use my scripts at all.

Lastly, If you want to insult people, please do not do it here. I DO NOT like that. If you hate me, hate my scripts, please STFU and GTFO. I’m a human, not a computer which makes scripts for you.


12 comments on “YSE – Text Display: Pop Message

  1. I’m glad Ms.Sakagami re-release this script. 🙂 Those rude folks didn’t realize that old version is still beta.

  2. Stupid people strike back. I sincerely dont know who could say things like that to you. You’re a fine rpgmaker scripter, bugs are just bound to happen and they take time to appear and to be fixed. And you’re doing this for free. As a hobby. So f*ck’em, and just continue with your thing at your usual pace, cause you’re doing great.

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  4. they don’t know what are they doing…they do not know.
    You are a really good scripter, and…well…you really delayed the fix for a long time. But well…you are doing it for free :), so it’s really reasonable. it works just fine.
    A little question…Do it work without YEA – Message system?
    A little tip for users…Set the limit width to 420 to get it works well xD.(It sets to 0 and seems the default message system xD)
    ¡And the screenx bug is fixed! Thank you~~

  5. Don’t worry, that people are really idiot! You do a great job and provide us many wonderful scripts for our projects! If those stupids want “professional” scripts, they should learn to do them by themselves! I’m really angry!

    Your job is wonderful!! (I’m your fan) 😛

  6. Yami, can you add a command to pop a message on actor follower ?,
    like \fbm[1] to pop message on 1st actor follower, \fbm[2] to pop message on 2nd actor follower

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