YSE – Basic Module & Patch System Updated!

Fake Patch Detected!

Finally, Patch System has been released full version. In this version, I added some more futures. First of all, You can patch Database now (Actors, Classes, Items, …). Secondly, You have a Patch All button to generate patch that includes all things, so now You don’t have to check one by one. Finally, a security method has been added. You have to change :unique and :salt in Basic Module to make this works.

Basic Module has been updated too in order to work with new functions of Patch System.

Please update those two properly.


5 comments on “YSE – Basic Module & Patch System Updated!

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  4. Yeah this decided to just stop working properly. Patches were fine for a while but now it just detects everything as a fake patch, changing :unique and :salt doesn’t do anything.

    • Yeah, this version will not work with last version patch. And you should change unique and salt BEFORE make patch, and DO NOT change those two after that.

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