Changing in Terms of Use

Please read carefully

I have thought much about future plans and decided that I will make an engine (temporary name is Yami Engine, didn’t decide yet). The engine will be not as big as Yanfly’s or Victor’s but it will contain some useful scripts for you. The first thing I will be sure is the compability.

I also changed the Terms of Use to be fit with my new plan. It might be inconvenient with people who are attracted with my scripts and going to make commercial games, but as long as you agree with my terms (PM me if you want to use my scripts in a commercial game), You will have my supports at my scripts so I think it is not bad at all.

Finally, I want to ask you, What do you think about things above? I want your opinions, and I want you to be sure that the terms for commercial games is not only about money, I only wanted it to be fair, since I want your supports (exchange thingy, a CD/DVD of your game, etc…) too. Think about it and tell me about your views.

Thank you,


Creative Commons License
Yami Engine (Temporary Name),
RGSS Scripts, Resources, Tutorials and Translations by Yami is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at Yami Scripts.

Any content within this webpage are free for use in non-commercial projects, credits is required.

Do not post direct links to the downloads files, instead link the page on this blog that contain it.

Distribuition of the content is allowed only under the same license, the distributor can’t require anyrights over the materials. And must make the terms and credits visible.

Any of the above conditions can be waived if you get permission from the copyright holder (me).

For permission, You can PM me on RPGMakerVXAce.Net. Here is my Profile.


6 comments on “Changing in Terms of Use

  1. Creative commons is not a too good license to use in scripts, you may try to use other, made specifically for codes.
    By the way, I am a person who thinks than code should be truly free, and with truly free I mean that peopla can do whatever they want with it, just to say at least thank you…

    • Like wich one Ramiro?
      I use creative commons and i think it’s good enough for non-profitable works.

      Since it’s not too restrictive, but at same time at last give you some legal right if someone tries to get advantage of your work.

    • Ahaha, at first i thought scripts should be free too. But now I think that when it’s for a commercial work, people should support each other in different methods too, so I decided to change terms.

      • @yami: I see, I won’t complain about your decition.
        So If you think that, it’s not wrong. At least you are not a “only for free things”
        @Victor: Well, I think than using a MIT/ZLib/FreeBSD/LGPL/GPL License are by far more secure for codes (But LGPL is not compatible with RPG maker unless you don’t encrypt your project… and the others ae truly free)
        I don’t feel than Creative commons is usefull for code only because it does not give any warranty to the author of the code in case of any problem of it.
        I know, for rpg maker scripts it’s not a problem at all, but when you are thinking in bigger pieces of code you should use a more author-protected license.
        At least you can use a “MIT license” with a non comertial clause… or something alike (Beerware sounds fine for me also :3 )
        Well, for ruby scripts after all there should be any kind of problems…

      • Ramiro: At least you are not a “only for free things”

        At least not only for free things ?
        At least dont do it just for free things XD?

        JAjajaja, Ya me acorde de donde te conocia Ramiro. ò_ó.

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