Predicted Charge Turn Battle !!!


Well well, after 10 lazy days, I have done this battle system. Now I’m still marking it as a Beta version because I didn’t test much. Please report me if you find any bugs.

Notice that there are many options in module, and there are an Instructions in script too (for Notetags and Database), be sure to read them all :D.

Have fun ~

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19 comments on “Predicted Charge Turn Battle !!!

  1. Man, I feel so stupid once again, but could you explain to me how it works? I can’t figure out the difference between this one and a CTB in general. :/ Sorry!

  2. Very interesting and entertaining system, I’ve seen and I found a detail: “After the battle, the icon of the last character who had his turn active, the battle is finished.” (powered by google translate 😀 )

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  8. I could kiss you right now, I swear. One problem though: I haven’t had much time to play with the settings yet, but using a skill with the Escape effect on default settings crashed the game and gave me an error on line 762 (Script ‘YSA Predicted Charge Turn Battle’ line 762: NoMethodError occurred. undefined method `item’ for nil:NilClass). I’m not using any scripts besides your CTB and Order Battlers, and YEA Core and Battle Engines.

    One visual upgrade I’d love to see is somehow highlighting characters and enemies that are being targeted on the turn gauge and maybe adding some sort of frame behind the current actor. Also, I can’t seem to get rid of the gauge during the battle aftermath (which isn’t that bad with the default view, but with YEA Victory Aftermath it looks pretty awkward). I tried using the common event options on the CTB configuration, but it didn’t update quite like I had expected.

  9. Yeah, the gauge issue was just me being dumb and not having the latest version… It works perfectly now.

    And about the common events, I just didn’t realize what “Run common event whenever turn updates” actually meant. I thought it would run before each battler’s individual turn. So that was a misunderstanding on my part too. I’ll have to toy with the settings and troops some more before I can even pretend to understand how all of this actually works…

    • Well look at that! I DO know how to reply!

      …Anyhow, the mix-up with the common events was due to me trying to hide the turn gauge with common events after each action and showing it again before them, hoping this would leave the gauge hidden during the battle aftermath. That’s why I was a little baffled when the gauge would be hidden after every action, but would only reappear after a full turn (as in, all battlers had acted).

  10. Hi I found a bug in your system. When a counterattack kills an enemy the enemy graphics remain on screen even though it’s dead.

  11. I have a problem when I put on a state that makes an ally attack an enemy (similar to Berserk status). “Script PCTB line 815: NoMethodError occured. undefined method ‘item’ for nil:NilClass”.

    How can I fix this?

  12. Hey there.
    I encountered a HUGE problem with your battle system.
    It would be lengthy to explain, so I just show you this short footage I recorded:

    So if you watched it, I can say in short: Press escape and get a free move for the previously active character.
    That essentially makes the battle system broken to a great extend as you have some kind of built-in cheat.
    I think your script is great and I’d love to see this issue fixed. :O


  13. Yami, I can’t seem to use Battle Symphony, Predicted Charge Turn Battle, and Order Battlers together. At the start of a battle, it throws up this error:

    “Script ‘Game_Actor’ line 678: TypeError occurred.
    no implicit conversion from nil to integer”

    Any idea what the issue is?

  14. Yami-san,

    This script is not compatible with Battle Symphony.

    The PCTB part work fine but Order Gauge error

    😦 can you please make a patch for it.

    You are awesome! I’ll always be your fan!

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