CTB Type 02 !!!

CTB Type 02 (FFX style) is done, cheer ! ~

Now I have to add some tiny features and fix a little bug I found recently, so I can’t publish this script yet.

Anyway, I’m fucking bad at visual things so the order gauge can be a little weird D: Maybe I will have someone do this thing for me πŸ˜€

P/s: I successfully avoided Forever Alone day mwahahahaha

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10 comments on “CTB Type 02 !!!

  1. This looks amazing! I would definitely use this, I can’t wait to see how you calculated the turn orders– I imagine it’s more “neat” than the original version. Keep up the good work.

  2. Looking awesome. But if there anything I’d have to say about it, it’s that there probably doesn’t need to be that one icon shown past the others to indicate whose turn it is. I mean, we can just look at the right most side of the turn order, yeah? 8D;;

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  4. So the only difference is the turn list being exactly like FFX where actors’ turn is displayed more than once?
    Sorry can’t load the video, so I can’t check it myself >_>

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