I’m still alive *lol*

Works Perfectly with VE - Animated Battle

Hell yeah the first part of CTB is almost done, I have recoded all the whole things of CTB and tested with old order gauge. It worked! Oh yeah, I don’t have to update two separate version of CTB from now on.

I have tested with some other battle system again:

  • Victor’s Animated Battle: Works perfectly with only one line fixed. (just add one logical expression *lol*)
  • Ramiro’s Battle System: Works properly without any change.

The number of lines is decreased too, from around 900 to around 750 (with comments). And I separated some inline logical expressions to make it clearer.

About compatibility of this version, You will have to put this script under all other battle systems, but above all other battle add-on.

Now I’m coming to the Visual part!


I had a small talk with Shanghai yesterday. She is nice :o. If I joined RPG Maker Community sooner, I would be her crazy fan ahaha ~

Anyway, Who will play League of Legends with me? 😦 I’m playing on both NA and SEA servers (SEA server ~ Garena server).

4 comments on “I’m still alive *lol*

  1. Ironically, Shanghai did have rabid fans, but they appeared after she left. Mostly noobs attracted by her scripts. I don’t count the number of times I had to say “No, [SSS] *insert script name* DOESN’T work with Tankentai and I won’t make it work for you”.


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