IDE – Netbeans

Coding with support from Netbeans

Today I present coder an IDE for us, Netbeans!

Well, I have used this for 4 years, of course not to code Ruby/RGSS (In fact, I learnt PHP :D), and I really love it. Why? First of all, It’s free. And second, Its size is not large (compare to Eclipse) and it’s more convenient than Notepad++. Thirdly, This is an optional, You can install more plugin and support more languages!

Suggestion, Auto-complete and Custom Comment

I won’t tell you about the features, because I’m lazy because you can read it here.

However, You cannot test with Netbeans, it should be a waste of time if you made a small script with IDE, but If you are making a big script (like a battle system), using an IDE like Netbeans will help you a lot.

Talk enough. I’m going back to work now ahaha ~


3 comments on “IDE – Netbeans

  1. Netbeans is a good engine, I prefer Eclipse (it’s almost the same, but eclipse is designed monstly for java)
    But yes.
    For RM scripts? I use Notepad++ xD it’s quite easy to use an doesn’t consume RAM(on a old pc like this… with 128 MB, yes less than the requeriments) I can’t mount big IDEs.

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