Making another CTB version

Since there are some people want the order gauge in my CTB to show the order in next X turns, and I want to make the Speed correctly, I have decided to make another CTB version.

This is something I'm looking for (Screenshot from Stella Deus)

Well, thinking about the order gauge, mine is exactly the same as Yanfly’s Melody, there are people like this, and there are some hate it. So I have decided to make something alike the picture above, but it’s not easy ‘cuz I have to think a solution to make this won’t cause lag.

Despite of poor hardware, FFTA2 on DS still has a dynamic turn order.

And the other thing is the Speed. Mine is different from almost other CTBs (include Melody’s CTB). Why? It’s because my CTB has a static threshold (well, this is different from Melody but alike other CTBs) and a dynamic Speed Rate. You all know that a battler will take a turn (an action) when his Speed >= Threshold, and a high agi battler will have a high Speed Rate. In most of CTBs, battler’s Speed Rate is a multiplier of his agi, but mine has a base Speed Rate and each battler’s Speed Rate is calculated based on its agi and the average of all battlers.

Why did I decide to change this mechanic? Although mine give the same result as Melody (dynamic threshold), Speed in my CTB is always in float. It will take a larger memory and make it hard to calculate exactly. This is a mechanic thing so it’s hard for a normal person to understand. To conclude, It’s not good enough.

Some people will think if their favourite order gauge from Melody is dropped. My answer is NO. I will continue updating that version, even if that version and the new version are two separately systems, so don’t worry :D.

Please be patient if you are looking for this new version. Thank you for loving my works ~


8 comments on “Making another CTB version

  1. You could use integer values even if you calculate an average level. you can use integer division.
    But, it’s quite interesting making aidfferent system with almost same results.

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  5. This sounds like it was inspired by my post about the order gauge…I’m glad you’re deciding to make something even more dynamic. I’m sure it will be great, I like all of your scripts so far. Keep up the great work, this sounds like it will be quite the challenge!

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