Charge Turn Battle is out!!!

Oh yeah, after many times fixed this shit, finally it’s been released. Hell, this version I completely disabled the Additional Action trait because it has some issues and on the other side, it will breaks CTB Mechanic. Please check for some problems and feedback ~

Thank Nessiah and Yanfly for testing my CTB ^___^

P/s: I must take a break now, I’m exhausted šŸ˜¦

International News:

I read something amazing this morning, guess Kread will like this ohoho

You read that wrong -

12 comments on “Charge Turn Battle is out!!!

  1. Will it be possible to have unique icons for each enemy in that turn order thingy? I would at least like it if bosses could have different ones. You want to keep track of the boss and his minions. šŸ™‚

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  3. Thank you for your replay to my previous question, Yami. šŸ™‚ I have another one now. You see, I really love CTB, so I’m gonna use this. But I also wanted to use cooldowns for my skills. So, probably it works this way: Whenever it is a character’s turn, his cooldowns will decrease by 1. But do you think it would even be an interesting option – let alone something you could add in the future – to have cooldowns decrease with every turn taken by whomever? You would need higher cooldowns then, of course. I’m not quite sure if this were a cool feature if each character and enemy that takes a turn between your own turns decreases your cooldowns by 1. What do you think? Actually, this question goes also for anyone else reading this. šŸ™‚ It was just a thought of mine, you know.

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