Ramiro’s Battle System and YSA

ATB + RBSNo problem at all ~ (Video’s been taken by EvilEagles)

CTB + RBSA very small issue with party command window ~ (Video’s been taken by Yami)

As you can see, my scripts and Ramiro’s have a high compability and they worked together. I think there are some issues from mine and Ramiro’s, so if you find one, please report to both me and Ramiro.

*Note: I haven’t released CTB yet ahaha ~


3 comments on “Ramiro’s Battle System and YSA

  1. I bugfixed the Party command window issue yesterday, you have two options or remove the @party_command_window.hide (not recommended) or by doing the same as the fix by adding the line “@party_command_windw.show” both at the method “show_presentation_animation”
    Yes, I know it’s quite hard to make the system works properly even with ace’s high compatibility methods.
    Tanks for debuggint too, it’s quite hard to di it all alone.

    • Yeah, making battle systems work properly with each others is too hard.
      But it’s seem our battle systems work a little fine, there is no critical bug like I tested with Tankentai. Cheer for it ahaha ~

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