YSA Message Add-on – Pop Message

Haro Eric ~

Well, another small script. This will make the message window pop on character’s head. Require YEA – Message System X3. Get beta version here ~

Auuuuu, You played no fair Yanfly 😦 Y U NO make this 😦

International News:

Haiz, I have done Komari’s route in Little Busters! . I think this is much better than Mio’s and Kud’s. No fair :(((((((((

16 comments on “YSA Message Add-on – Pop Message

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  3. A Y offset would be cool. 🙂 Because, well, maybe it’s just me, but I don’t like the text box to be like standing on the actor’s head. Apart from that, very nice script again! 🙂

  4. Ahhh! This board looks almost exactly like YF’s! I must commend you on your work. You are coming up with some nifty scripts. Keep it up.

    • It’s because she adores Yanfly that much. 😛 Which is fine as long as she keeps making scripts that complement his, hehe. I kinda like how this, well, “looks like”. 😀

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