YSA Battle Add-on – Order Gauge

I see who will act first!

Last update: 28/12/2011 (DD/MM/YYYY)

Version: 1.01

Download here: Script & IconSet

This will create an order gauge to see the actions order of battlers. Recreate from Melody.

This script requires YEA – Core Script and YEA – Battle Engine. Get them from Yanfly Channel.

Notetags I wrote in script.

That’s all :3

I think there are some bugs in this script, please help me find out :D.

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25 comments on “YSA Battle Add-on – Order Gauge

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  2. Awesome. I always like showing the order of actions. This makes a combat more tactical.
    By the way, just a quick review though, the gauge somewhat blocked the popup of the leftmost actor, if you have 4 in your party.
    My suggestion is to make the gauge a layer below…?

  3. I am not sure if this is complicated in scripting, but I think if this could be achieved, then the whole thing will become more tactical:
    As you know we always set speed fix for a spell, so that if an actor casts a spell, it will probably take action later in a turn. However, it seems that the gauge does not respond to this speed fix simultaneously. The order changed suddenly as I execute all actions in a turn, which is fairly odd and somehow weaken the tactics as the player can’t predict the order anymore.

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    • Oh, I found a little bug after loading it up on a clean project. The order icons get “stuck” going back and forth when you open up an empty skill list.

  5. The order gauge is initially confusing. Is there some way to make the order of attacks to go from left to right?

  6. Not sure if you still give support on this, but I found a bug where pre-emptive strikes (and presumably surprise ambushes as well) bug out the beginning. All the monster icons stay in one spot and they end up overlapping with the party icons.

  7. I think there’s broken compatibility with yanfly’s victory screen, for some reason for me the order bar stays stuck in front of it when it appears. Anyone else getting this bug?

  8. I was using this script with Yanfly Battle System, and your CTB System, and Ramiro’s battle system. Worked on it a little then tested it a few times, and everything was great. When I had everything finished I tried to test it the final time, for some reason the order gauge wasn’t in a line like the video, the pictures are stacked, but once a person takes a turn it moves to the “bottom” of the stack. If I am not making any sense, I will post a picture. The other scripts are working just fine, no bugs or anything just the order gauge.

    Great script btw! adds an amazing element to games!

    • Edit: Before the pictures stack on each other, the pictures are “invisible” until the players turn is ready… then the picture shows up on top of the other pictures.

      • Edit: How do I get the turns to be more… random? example, there is partymember a, partymember b, partymember c, enemy a, enemy b. the first battle order is:

        enemy b, pm c, enemy a, pm b, pm a

        So then pm a’s turn starts, attack is chosen, they attack, then moves to the back of the order, like so:

        pm a, enemby b, pm c, enemy a, pm b

        But let’s say pm a is a little bit faster than enemy b is there a way for it to change from:

        enemy b, pm c, enemy a, pm b, pm a


        enemy b, pm a, pm c, enemy a, pm b.

        What I mean by random is so that the battle order isn’t always the same through out the battle as shown above.

        Second is their a way to change the gauge to a circle that spins either counter clock wise, or clockwise (clockwise preferably), with the next character’s turn at “12 o’clock”? If I am not making sense, please let me know.

  9. I’m so sad 😦 I really want to use this script but I can’t add Yanfly’s scripts to my game because it crashes with the other battle script I have + I can’t replace my icon set because I’ve already got one that has like 4000 entries. Ahh The sadness.

  10. The Order Gauge seems to be breaking my game. If I go to Guard, it crashes with: “Script ‘Order Gauge’ line 646: NoMethodError occurred. undefined method ‘restore_speed’ for nil:NilClass”

    The scripts I have installed in order are:
    Victor Engine – Basic
    Victor Engine – Toggle Target
    Yanfly Ace Engine – Ace Battle Engine 1.22
    YSA Battle System: Predicted Charge Turn Battle
    YSA Battle Add-On: Order Battlers
    Victor Engine – Animated Battle
    Victor Engine – Actor Battlers

    Though even with the last 2 disabled, this error still occurs, so I’m sure it’s nothing below the script causing it.

  11. I would really love this script (tried the CBT and ATB scripts but they don’t really fit what I’m going for) but every time I try to go download it the dropbox is still down. I couldn’t find it on the github site by name either. Any other way I can get this script? Please?

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