YSA Battle Add-on – Infective State

No screenshot this time ~

Last update: 24/12/2011 (DD/MM/YYYY)

Version: 1.00

Download here: Script

This will make the state become infective, which means that state will be infected to another battler after a few turns.

Notetags I wrote in script.

That’s all :3

I half-did this in early noon yesterday, just for Christmas. Unfortunately, I have overslept, so cannot finish this for present D:

Anw, Merry late-Christmas 😀

Nessiah have a delicious present for Christmas: Sexyyyyyy Isabelle :p~

Kread merry everyone with his Devour Skill D:

Yanfly equip a Santa’s Hat ahaha. Command Equips!

5 comments on “YSA Battle Add-on – Infective State

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  2. Thank you very much Yami ^^ One more suggestion: allow a randomiser, so every X turns state Y has a Z% chance of spreading.

    This is a cool script!

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  4. And maybe even the option to have it spread to a set number of allies? 🙂 Because maybe you want to have a state that spreads to ALL allies after 3 turns, much like a death sentence in terms of time pressure.

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