YSA Battle Mechanism – Slots Battle

What the ... Slots?

Last update: 23/12/2011 (DD/MM/YYYY)

Version: 1.00

Download here: Script & Demo

Check demo or screenshots to know about this mechanism.

This script require YEA – Ace Battle Engine. Place this below that.

Picking skills into slots!

Well, finally it’s out ~ But it isn’t good as I expected. If You really care about this, please suggest your idea to make this better ~

Thank EvilEagle for suggest this idea

Thank Nessiah and Yanfly for testing my script ~

Nessiah made Ernest cut-in! I love your material than Enterbrain’s. XD

EvilEagle released more battleback ~

Yanfly did Input Combo Skills! Awesome ~

7 comments on “YSA Battle Mechanism – Slots Battle

  1. It’s really a cool system, remember me from persona 2 system.
    I have two suggestion: first, would be moving the current command to the top, instead of simply highlighting.
    The second would be a in-battle strategy change.

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  3. You should keep the fight and escape command :d…and btw,if you set a skill which use TP or MP but you don’t have enough MP/TP to use it,the actor won’t be able to do anything in the battle,it sucks you know 😛
    Things that need to improve/fix
    _ The bug about
    _ add Fight/Escape Command
    _ Add the option to change name of Action Slots (like YEZ’s Tactics)
    _ Add the option to switch Slots,you don’t want to be in a battle with just 5 actions rifght ?

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