Nice day ~

Well, today is a nice day at my place. It’s a little cold, I like it :P. Sadly, today I’m too lazy to do anything, no script, no update… Look at Yanfly’s Blog… Oh nice, one new script! Victory Aftermatch!

My friend, EvilEagle, have just updated his project. Cool, a new logo! I think his project is awesome, You should take a look when have time ~

Another thing, a few people think that I do all of these script, and then chatting around Yanfly’s Blog just to gain fame. Oh well, my answer is, I just want to have some coding experience, and help some people making their games with my scripts. Nothing special ~

Ahaha, I don’t care about that, so don’t worry if you think so. I’m doing this, in one side, to show my respect to Yanfly.

Last thing, to Yanfly, If you read this, keep in mind that It’s very nice to be friend and coding with you :3 Hope we can talk with each other more, about hobby, life or coding, etc…

Well, to all others, HAVE A NICE DAY ~~~~

My other friend, Klaine, have re-posted his old Melody Skills’ Demo. You should take a look if you like melody ~

6 comments on “Nice day ~

  1. Dunno who it is saying that you’re sticking around to gain fame, but here’s the question: who cares if you -are- doing that?

    Either way, you’re providing a lot of resources to the community and I’m definitely very appreciative of that, as well as others, too, I’m sure.

    Keep up the good work, Yami. πŸ™‚

  2. I agree. πŸ™‚ I love your making add-on scripts for YEA. And since YEA is probably going to be one of the most-used script compilations for VX Ace, it’s actually pretty smart to stick to that with your own scripts. To go even further, I would appreciate it if other people decided to do so, too. So don’t worry, you’re doing it right!~

  3. well,they’re right,if you don’t have potential and those scripts,you can stick around ur whole life and nobody would care ’bout you,be more positive πŸ˜€

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