Ikaros have evolved!!!

Hell yeah, Ikaros have evolved like a boss! I like this manga (Sora no Otoshimono), but it’s seem lately chapters is too unnatural. I mean there are THREE angeloid have Pandora, they like pokemon!!!!!

Like a pokemon!!!

Hell no, I don’t want this manga become like this. Do you agree with me? 😦
But hey, Chaos is so cute. She’s a little girl who knows nothing, an innocent baby who wants to love. Well, at least my fav. manga is still interesting :). Like it ~

By Yami Posted in Manga

One comment on “Ikaros have evolved!!!

  1. There’s actually four confirmed and possibly six that possess it :V, I think Astraea is the only one that hasn’t evolved yet, though she should be getting her time to shine in the next one. And yes Chaos is just too adorable for words. Hopefully it will focus more on the actual story and less on the random daily stuff now.

    Additionally whats the chances of Oregano having it?

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